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Friday, April 29, 2011

80's Purple Sungless Haul

What do you think?

So this is how I received the package in the mail
And the inside
Inside the plastic bag was this cloth bag

Inside were the glasses all wrapped up

safe on the side with plastic
and here are the first pair
lovey detailing on the sides
and here is the side
upside down
Need to fancy up a cute outfit or maybe just some extra protection to go along with your sunscreen? These are a must have for any chic oversized collection. Oversized frame with metal cut-out arms. Polycarbonate gradient lens with 100% UV protection
Retails for $12.00
 So These were the over sized glasses, the are nicely framed, i think these are perfect for summer and out going, to have a different frame on the face. Loved the cute packing, and the style is pretty unique, If you are like me and like to change out your style then these are nice to have around. I feel That 80's Purple have the largest collection in glasses, never the less they also have the brands, and clothing!
here is the  second pair
was also in a plastic bag
Inside it has its own cloth bag! lovely packaging!
all wrapped up for safe delivery
same way packed from the sides
the front
the sides
the back
large metal aviator sunglasses with adjustable nose pads.
Got them for $10.00 in gunmetal
  • Provides 100% UV protection.
  • - Microfiber Soft Pouch Included
  • - Free Shipping on any 2 pairs with code: eyesonus
 So these were nice, just the fact they were a bit bigger on my face, though were very fitting around the sides, which cheaper glasses don't tend to have! Cheap ones always are loose around the sides, and break easily. Yet these were made with good material.

So i feel this are nice and classic yet lovely prices!
Overall it was a great experience to shop at 80spurple and i'm loving there clothing and shoe like!
Shipping was super fast, and lovely customer service!

Do check them out at

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