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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thoughts/Review about KQC Flat Iron!


This iron is known to be a great professional tool for any age! it is normally used in salons for professional use! it claims that it is a system that soften, seals in cuticles, and locks hair color. Give the hair a boost and enhance hair shine, reduce frizz, and soften hair! Making hair look more silky and gives a flawless finish without frizz

  Awesome facts on the box all over!!

it has a 360 swivel cord that help in preventing tangles and for wires going bad!

 So I used this iron for 2 week to see how the results turn out to be, I LOVED the fact that when ever I strighten the hair with this hair my hair always stayed less oily! My hair always become oily when i use a chi iron :(
 Heat the whole KQC look! its has a very easy grip and great to styling.
The plates have Tourmaline and Ceramic Plats, which helps to give even finish to the hair! I felt that the plate made my hair more shiny, and less oliy
the whole style make it easy and great for Straighter, curlers!
This stuff really make the hair soft!
Best things about this iron, heats up to 140 tp410 F in about 30 seconds and automatic precise and stable temperature adjustment!

 Easy way to adjust!!
 NICE and slim great when youtravel!

Last and not the least has been in many magazines, and used my top hair stylists!

Last but not the least my b4 and after pix!


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