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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jordan Cosmetics

So I got a Package that Jordan Cosmetics sent me, and here is all the goodies that were inside!
Inside the goodies bag was
Nail Polish- Coal Spark
Pop Art- The stylist
Easy Liner for Eyes - Purple Fusion
Easy Liner for Eyes - Sterling Blue
Glitterama - Sliver Parade
Glitterama - Pink Carnival
Glitter Rocks - Glam Rock Green
Loose Eyeshadow Antique Heather
Color Effect Eye Shadow Single - Ms. Jordana
Color Effect Eye Shadow Duo - Perfect Couple

A bit about the company:

We are very proud and honored that Jordana Cosmetics is celebrating its 25th year of making women feel and look beautiful worldwide. Our commitment is to offer everyone fashionable cosmetics of superior quality at affordable prices. 

We are very pleased to announce many exciting new products. In addition to our new item line up, we have upgraded our images using rich tones of our signature colors of Purple and Silver and glamorous new models.

Jordana continues to be the leading brand of value priced cosmetics. Most of our products are still proudly Made in the USA and after 25 years Jordana Cosmetics remains Beauty’s Best Buy!

So I got my Package and was impressed with shipping because I received the package within 2 days! I must say that was pretty quick!
So I am a packing person, so i really liked the customized bag that my goodies were in! love the bag isn't it cute?
So this is was inside the package, a bag of goodies, with a note and the company card! i must say very professional.
Glitterama Pencil
So inside the bag were these Glitterrama pencil in Pink Carnival, and Sliver Parade, I must say these are lovely and adds great color to the eye, I liked the sliver one for inner eye, and the pink one is just lovely for under eye pop of color. The texture to these were very unexplainable, because these are very creamy and I love creamy items! 
Site Description:
Glamorous, Glitzy, Daring & Edgy
• Sparkling Micro-Glitter Adds Shimmer
• Super-Intense Creamy Color
• Finishes off a Fabulous Party Look 

Love the fact that they come in 8 different colors!
click here to check them out

Retails for $1.49

The Swatches

in Two Color
have glitters in them
very creamy
great to give color to the eye

Easyliner For Eyes

These Eye Liner are very Pigmented, Love the smooth application of creamy liners! I got these in two colors, Purple Fusion and Sterling Blue! Let me tell you both of these are awesome colors!! These are long warble and they do not smudge! I also used them on water line and under the eyes to give a pop look! these are just amazing! Love the best part about this one that it don't need a sharpener!! 
The Site Description: 
• Retractable-No Sharpening Required
• Silky Smooth Soft Glide Formula; Doesn’t Tug Delicate Eye Area
• Excellent Color Coverage
• All-Day Wear 
Retail for $1.99 
Available in 7 different shade!
So I recieved one of these in the color Glam Rock Green, Again these dont require a sharpener, and love this fact! These are pretty much like the easy liner, the main difference is that these have glitters in them! which is always good to bring a change in to daily wear, the glitter is not that noticable yet its there!
Site descitpion
Retractable-No Sharpening Required
Breakthrough Glitter Formula
Long-Lasting, Easy to Use Shimmery Colors
Made in Germany
Available in 6 Shades.

 Retails for $2.99

Both the easy Liner and Glitter rock Liners, are amazing, love the colors and applicaiton!!

1. Easy Liner - Sterling Blue
2. Easy Liner - Purple Fusion
3. Glitter rock- Glam Rock Green
Loose Eye Shadow
 So this one I really enjoyed because I dint anything of such color! I love this color to be all over the lid, it gives a very metallic finish. This also have bits of glitter to make a nice dramatic look also! The color I got was Antique Heather! Yet they have some great colors avalible on the site! its like a must here, click here to check them out!
I must say I love the price and the payoff of the color! these retail for $1.99 which is very affordable.
Site description:
Micro-Fine Powder with Diamond Shine
 Incredible Color Payoff
 Create Infinite Eye Looks
 Made in China
Available in 12 Shades.


Lovely color! must have!

So this was also expacted product with high pigmentation, for the prices i must say WOW!! The color I received was Ms. Jordana, Nevertheless very pigmented with a nice finish. This shade had a blue under tone, which gives a pearl finish! i felt that i could use this colors, under the eye to give it a pop, or over the lid to give a nice dramatic pop of color!
Site description:
Dazzling Colors
High Pigment Finish
Super-Soft, Silk-Like Application
Made in USA

Must say love the pigmentaion its a lovely color!
Never the less retails for $1.99

Color Effects Powder Eyeshadow Duo
 So These are the Eyeshadow duos, the one I received was in Perfect couple,it does have shimmers with with sparkles, I cant rave enough about how pigmented they really are. I am very impressed with  all colors with these
Site Description
Two Dynamic, Complimentary Shades in One Convenient Component
Made in USA
Available in 13 different duos
 retails for $3.49

The turquoise shadow which has sliver shimmers in them, Orange is a Matt orange
Nail Polish in Coral Spark
So the Formula for this nail polish could be build-able to a darker color if desired, I love this color for toes, because it kind of cumes out to be coral pinkish red with differnt shapes of glitters in them!

Site description:
• Neons, Shimmers, Glitters & Cremes
• Bold, Fashionable, Spectacular Color Range
• Contains Natural Pearl for Improved Application, Wearability & Luster
• Salon Formula 
Retails for $1.99

Pop Art Nail Design With Precision Brush
The color I got was The stylist, its more of ornagish copper glitter in them. The only thing about this pop art nail polish is that i wish the applicator was a bit thinner, though i love the giltter it has, it looks amaizing!
Site descritption
• Intense Pigments
• Precision Brush Applicator
Easy to Use
DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free
Made in USA

Available in 26 Shades. 
Retail for $1.99 

 Last yet not the least Conclustion:
So after trying out the all the products, to be honest, I feel that you really don't have anything to LOSE, this site is very affordable, and the product quality is just too good! From the liners to eye shadows to nail colors, everything for such low price are worth the try! Non the less the customer service is supper friendly and shipping was supper fast!
If you cant afford the high end brands this is worth the shot to try out and I will be 100% shopping from this site again, due to such great quality products and such affordable prices!

Do visit to place your order, do let me know what you think the products and your thought!

All the product were sent by Jordan Comestics for review purpose:)


Click here for my Favorite brushes

Tons of LOVE!!
till next time

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