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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Travalo REVIEW :)

 So I am loving my new Travalo, and the best part about is that its PINK (heart, heart, heart !!!)
GET yours at

 Lets you refill in just couple of seconds ...
 <3<3 the packaging all over!! its soo pretty

it's  tiny, great for travel, hate the fact that now we can't carry the whole bottle while we travel, and this very convenient for me because i travel out of states!!
ALSO its aircraft approved so don't have to worry about them trashing it out :) NO WORRIES

simple and easy to refill, just simply take off your favorite caps of your perfume and refill!
1st take of the top of the perfume you want to transfer to the travalo just a shown in the picture above!
And then put the travelo on top and press it down to transfer the perfume in inside the travalo!
Travalo weights about 13g when its empty, light and safe no glass its plastic !!

 great view in the front so helps you see how much is left inside!!

don't have to be messy in losing your expensive juicy and gucci perfume in funnels simplify it has not spills :) <3

Great information:

gives up to 50 sprays and its tiny to fit in to the any beauty pouch!

best part i gifted one to my loved one and "HE" loves it!! yeps to HIM, great for men also!!

(more colors are always available) click here and  check out the website :)

NEVER THE LESS ***Also available outside of USA**
get yours at

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bath and body works Favs

Hey There lovelies!!
wanted to share my current favs from bath and body work!!
so here they are!

This is the fabric mist, you can use it to make your clothes smell good!!
Awsome fabric mist for clothes and pillow :)
I <3 it on my pillow gives me great night of sleep!

My current body mist from bath and body works, yet not as a good as cought in rain :( thought it smells like flowers which is always a good thing!

RIP: Fianlly finished my bath and body candle <3 it very much !
this was with me for 6 months!! :( nif nif
Hello Winter GLOW!
So started using it, yet its not as good as the other one,
Though it is great for winter! Will upload more candle collection soon!

The Bottom VIEW! it was 19.50 plus tax USD

Loving there wall flower they are my fav!! i cant get enough of those!! they make my whole room smell great all day and night!!
I keep buying those! ( will upload that collection in whole of days )
ALSO they dont make the squares types anymore they make the flower one!
I was told if i take this one bck they can exchange it, hope they keep there words :)

wink wink
well you guys take care and stay safe!! let me know if you guys have any questions
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gift for him :)

So I cant tell you guys enough of how much I love this one, its so crazy i got one for myself heheh
but loving it so far!!

I also got him the Chanel Bleu yet don't know when should i hand it to him :( his bday is coming up yet i already have something for him  which i will soon post!! yet  i choose to wait on it till now so thinking when do i give him this one....

What do you guys think:) let me know and share your ideas :)

let me know what you guys think about a giveaway?

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Victoria Secret Fav Products

Morning Lovelies
Caught in rain, my all time fav body mist from victoria secret, my fiance loves the smell when i have it, and i am almost running out, cant wait to get a refill :)

My new body mist victoria secrets NOIR, so i been using this one for about 3 weeks now yet havnt complely fell in love with it yet, the smell is pretty nice and soft, it dont last all day and thats one of the MAJOR CONS about it!!

let me know if you guys have any questions will be more then happen to answers
thanks for reading OXOX

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pinky Paradise Conatct lenses

Looking for a great deals to get contact lenes, well is offering a great deal!

They offer Circle lens, color clens, anime eyes, cosplay lens, ulzzang, gyaru, and have big eye lenes!!

You can get a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts, by using the CODE  " youtuber247 " to get this deal you have to purchase 1 pair minimum to active the code!

By using this code you get the FREE cute animal lens case and a FREE mystery gifts, the coupon can be stacked, Example: if you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 FREE lens case PLUS the 3 mystery Gifts!!

The code could be used any time and doesnt have a NO expiration date :)

Check out the site today at :

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Monday, January 17, 2011

New Addition to shoe collection! MY NEW LOVE!!

My new WHITE Alfanis :) <3

My guess LOVE!!
Jessica Simpson shoe that i picked up the other day!!

So went shopping the other day and pickedup my loveies!!
loving the way they are and loving the new addition to my shoe collection!!
let me know what you guys think and if you like it or dislike it!!
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Clinique makeup brush cleanser

So i decided to get the Clinique brush cleaner, and not the MAC one, well one reason was because it had a spray pump on top and it was a lil more fluid oz than mac and price difference  was like a dollar. so i started using it and i love it because it keeps my brushes clean! i use paper towel and cleaning cloth to clean my brushes, i clean them after every use, and deep clean them with water 1 in 2 weeks! Loving it and love the fact that it doesnt take forever to clean them out, it breaks the makeup down right away! let me know if you have more questions! will be more then happy to answer them all :)
till next time stay safe

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

GUESS: shopping for "HIM"

So i been looking for a gift for my fiance yet didn't know what to get so i got him the guess belt! was very upset because the one i wanted didn't have his size and he is very picky!! :( well here it is so i thought before i had it to him thought it be a good gift to give for any grl to there other half!! thought it was a great way to start a new year :)

So went Shopping for him and thought to get something other than clothing, so got him a men belt, i hope he likes it and that it fits him!! Cool thing is that he can use both sides it flips on the other side and use the brown, or black!! CLASSIC!! =)
let me know what you guys think about this idea!!
till next time take cares and stay safe

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette Spray !My current fav!!

Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette Spray, 2.5 oz.
So i am very picky about fragrance, and this one is just the soul of my heart, i can't stop smelling this one and trust me every penny is worth this one! love the smell it's just to die for!! it's so nice when every time i wore it and got a compliment of smelling good and friends asking what you wearing!!
i got my full size bottle form Macys  for about $95.00
i put the description below if interested!!

Gucci Guilty is about the feeling that you can attain whatever you want. It is about pushing your personal boundaries and experiencing the thrill of the forbidden. Without compromise, Gucci Guilty is a statement about who you are. With the richness of amber and the fresh femininity of lilac, the fragrance speaks to the bold. It awakens the senses with a daring edge of sexyness and sensuality that is Gucci. Experience Gucci Guilty with this 2.5 oz Eau de Toilette.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sigma Goodies

Love the Packaging, so nice and colorful!
Got the F50 dua fibre brush, it does an awesome job in applying liquid foundation! I loved how it helped in blending my powder and liquid foundation in along with make it look flawless! When i found out it is suppose to give an air brushed look i thought, how could a brush make liquid foundation look like air brushed?? but as i tried it out it really works!!
The bristles are super soft and feels great on the skin! I also use to apply cream and mouse foundation by channel, make the application just amazing!!
It claims to and it is specially designed to generate an ‘airbrushed’ finish when used to apply liquid foundation. It can also be used to apply blush, highlight shades and loose pigments. Blend of synthetic and natural bristles. 
to get the brush click this link and check it out it is$16.00 USD best investment that a girl could make!
Makes life so much easy with great application!
<3 the white bristles on top!!
The master of all eye brushes!! If i had one brush to do all my eye make up i would pick up the E25! this is a travel size with great for going out or throwing in you purse! 
This one does everythin!! my favorite part about is, that it could be used with liquid, pressed shadows and loose shadows! GREAT to  packs on shadows on lid,  blending, defending the crease, highlight, and under/upper eye smudging! 
this brush claims that its Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows. Ideal to apply eye shadow primer, base eye shadow colors, and blend harsh lines. 
Click here to get yours the full size, with long handle is 9.00 USA

Nice and small, short handled 
Love the whole sliver look!
Great deals, check them out!! also a free gift with purchase of $30!! my new love!!
Last but not least: SHIPPING is supper fast, and great customer service, 5 STARS of great tech support, and supper fast shipping!! 

 Feel free to msg me or ask me any questions

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Karmaloop Order :)

So i got my order in the day before Christmas, and Karmaloop was very nice to send it out over 2 day delivery!! they have great deals and dicounts going on at the moments do check them out!
up to 80% sale on male and female!
the cool thing was that i was testing out the site and had gotten credit to sign up and have gotten other credit to fill out the profile, yet i wanted to try it out so i used my credit to check it out! the customer service is super nice and fast!! my order was processed!! Karmaloop

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christan Dior Diva Rewards PROGRAM 500 POINTS!

Dior diva rewards
so i got my order in for 500 points and guess what i am loving it!! I thought i would get professional brush yet the program has changed so i did get full size Dior iconic with lip maximizer and a sample size of capture  totale , and a pouch!!
Great deal love LINDA for sending it to me and have it shipped supper fast!!
love and props to my DIOR cosmetic team!!

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