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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Macadamia Shampoo, Hair Masqueand and Oil Treatment & Terax Crema Hydrating Conditioner Review and thoughts from

Macadamia Shampoo, Hair Masque and and Oil Treatment & Terax Crema Hydrating Conditioner Review and thoughts from
Here is how I recieved the box
Inside everything was packaged nicely with popcorns
all the products from inside the box
So in the hunt of a good deep hydration masque for my hair, I tried out the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I do have long hair, and times they tend to get dry on the ends, also weak due to heat.

When I used this product on my hair, I felt my hair really changed and felt they are healthy. I really Never used a mask on my hair before, I felt my hair was nicely hydrated after the use. Nevertheless I also felt that it has less of a frizz then i would normally have. I feel the oil in the product really benefited my hair, and it should as oil is really good for dry hair. It doesn't leave any type of grease, or make hair greasy. I felt this product made my hair soft and shiny.
Macadamia Natural Oil is a professional hair care line that creates products to heal problematic hair using Macadamia and Argan oils. Macadamia oil is lightweight and has a similar composition to sebum. This allows the oil to infuse within the hair and scalp to restore health, softness, and shine, while at the same time protecting the hair from chemicals, heat, and damage from natural UV protection. Argan oil has been used for generations to treat skin and hair, and combined with Macadamia oil it helps to restore shine to dry, brittle hair. It's rich in Vitamin E, Omega 9, Linoleic, Oleic, and unsaturated fatty acids, which help to make hair thick and glossy.
How to Use: Use a liberal amount and comb through clean, wet hair. Allow to penetrate hair shaft for 7 minutes before rinsing. No heat necessary. Dry and style hair as usual. Do not use more than twice a week.

The product inside the container is white, more like a thick texture. I loved the smell it smelled fresh,
I scooped some out in my hands and put it on my hair, made sure its distributed evenly, using my finger, to comb out the hair. Had it on my hair for about 10 minutes while I took the time to body bath.
Final thoughts: Would recommend it to my friends and family Leaves hair soft smooth and shiny
I feel it helps my dandruff from my scalp being dry
Helps reduce the dryness in hair, which causes less tangles and knots in the hair. Overall, my hair feels really healthy. Also
Shouldn't Use this product everyday

This product works great with the repair mask, I feel its the perfect match. I use this right after shower, when my hair is damp. When my Hair is about 80% dry, I use a blow dryer to set my hair. I also feel this product is great to use after you blow dry your hair, hair really feels shiny and super soft
Overall: I feel this product is great for all types of hair, leaves hair really soft, and with shine. I also feel its great for coarse hair, yet still great product to use on to work with thin and fine hair. Also this product helped my hair be less frizzy. I used this product while I used a blow dryer and also when i straightened my hair too. So love it over all and gives hair amazing results.
This product is great, you can use it as a leave in conditioner or yet just a regular conditioner. Makes hair super silkily and soft.
This really helps and moisturize the hair, fully. I feel the hair could feel a bit dry and washed out after shampoo, yet this product helps the add shine and softness back into the hair. Also one thing I noticed was small amount goes a long way. I liked to leave it while i body bath, and then rinse my hair, leaving the hair nice and smooth, and tangle free.

This product does leave my hair very silky, never the less leave hair frizz free!!
After using this product, I feel this product works great with the products I mentioned below, this product doesn't make as much foam, as you would expect, it cleanses really good without hair being to rough or dried out. I really would say its a must to use a conditioner after you use this product

One thing you should consider when buying this shampoo is that it's thinner than most which gives it less foam, a sort of drier foam. It cleanses very well without drying the hair out, but I'd recommend a conditioner to follow. It smells wonderful and allows shorter drying time for my hair type which is needed as I have thick, color treated hair. I'd recommend this product as one to two times a week cleanser for normal to oily hair.

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