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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

TriVision Cloud Cam, HD 960P Indoor Wireless IP Security Camera

Hello Lovelies
Today I wanted to share with you guys this awesome wireless camera. You can you it in multiple ways. I would like to use this as a wireless baby camera while my baby sleeps. I hate to use the wireless monitors to use the monitor everywhere and making sure its charged is the hardest thing for me! I always carry my phone around the house and its easy to use as a baby monitor screen. So lets get to it
This is how the Trivision Cloud camera came boxed
 Inside was the charging cable, stand, and wall mount screws.
1. 120° Wide Angle Lens with 1280 * 960 resolution
2. Use the advanced H.264 High Profile compression technology, which can be the lowest code rate and HD image quality
3.Low illumination,0.1Lux@(F1.2, AGC ON),0 Lux with IR On
4.dual-stream, support Micro Max 128GB SD storage(optional) and cloud storage(optional, support many devices view the video at the same time after you use the Cloud Storage)
5.two-way audio
6.Sharing real-time video with friends and families
7.Motion detection to catch pictures of moving things
8.Adding many cameras in the same app, so monitor your every house and corner
9.Mobile App (IOS/Android) available on "Google Drive" and "Apple Store"
10.Auto IR-CUT filter removal function/ICR, monitoring day and night
11.P2P safe transmission technology
12. Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz only)

Package includes:
1x WIFICamera
1xUSB Cable
1x US adaptor
4 x Screws
1x User Manual

Install "cleverdog" APP:
Android: Please search "cleverdog" at the Google play
Apple: Please search "cleverdog" at the Apple App store
Overall This was super easy to setup with the app called  Clever Dog, once you download the app, create and account and pair the camera with the wifi. It was super fun and easy to use.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Smart Water Bottle for Kids - GululuGo Interactive Water Bottle

Hello Loves,
I really wanted to share todays find, It is one of the coolest item that I have yet to come across!! This Item is up and friendly for your kids or toddler! It is the Gululugo Interactive water bottle.
so lets get to it
This is how this interactive bottle came
 Lovely Display in the front for kids to enjoy water on daily bases.
 everything that came inside the box
 comes with a magnetic charger
Drink Water And Become A Hero
This interactive water bottle motivates children to build up hydration habits in an unconscious way. Kids can rescue the virtual inhabitants of  Planet Ima in the Gululu game if they drink enough water to achieve their daily hydration goal. Kids will become heroes and become more proactive to drink water every day. If your children forget to achieve the daily goal, Gululu pets will gently remind them to drink more water.

Make Friends in The Gululu World
Gululu Go water bottle allows children to form a friend group in the Gululu world. In each Gululu Go smart water bottle, there are virtual pets living inside. If kids shake two bottles that are close to each other, their pets can become friends. The pets can visit the other bottle and display special movements on the screen. Children can see their friends’ drinking progress and will encourage friendly “coopertition”.

Grab a Gululu Go and Play with the Pets
Interacting with the Gululu Go water bottle is easy and fun. The water level on the screen will rise when children are drinking water. Once the drinking volume achieves a certain amount, the treasure box will open up and the pets will unlock more tricks and adventures. There are two touchpads on both sides of the bottle so children can slide or tap to interact with their pets.

Safe and High-quality Material
Gululu Go interactive water bottle uses 100% BPA free Tritan material and is totally harmless for people to use. Food safety is one of the most important things for us. Our company focuses on creating and developing products that help children’s health. Gululu Go is made of durable and safe materials that comply with FDA (U.S) standard.
Overall  It is easy to use, and fun for kids to use. This is really fun and friendly water bottle which helps in keep track of water levels and even the water temperature. It has unique design can fun character to make water drinking fun activity. It has unique design and also different concept.
check out this video get a closer look at the bottle and see the features.
Grab yours only at the link belwo

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Baby Food Maker, 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender Processor Review

Hello Loves,
Today I wanted to share with you this awesome gear which not only helps you process your baby food, but also helps you make it. Its an amazing gear to have if you like to make your babies food yourself. This one baby food maker helps to do it all at one place.
so lets get to it
This is how the box arrived
 Inside the box was this Smart baby food Processor
The back side of the box 
The side 
 Here is the Processor itself, Comes in three colors, White and Pink, White and Blue, and green the one in the image below
 The Blades inside, which makes it easy to puree and make baby food
 Came with the specula to help taking out the food from the processor 
 The easy to use spinning timer goes up to 40 mins, and to start press the play button
 the place where you add water, to steam the food

Our smart baby food processor equips with a fantastic design basket, which makes a totally automatic food processor. In the automatic mode, the basket will turn over automatically and release the food to the blender. The basket was made of a material called PPSU, which is heat-resistant and distortion-free. With this basket, you can spend the time with your baby instead of helping the processor to finish their job.
This infant food maker is usually used to preparing meals for your baby, who is too weak to resist germs. For this reason, cleaning food processor thoroughly is crucial. With Elebebe infant food processor, whose blades, basket and stirring bottle are removable, you can clean and disinfected completely thus to ensure the health of your baby. We suggest you wash these components with a soft brush to prevent the processor get damaged.
We understand as the baby growing quite fast, you will need to prepare meals in the different status. Our baby food maker can make the job done with the adjustable stir. By controlling the stirring process, which is 6 times stirs for one click, food can varies from puree, textures, and mini meal, which meet the demand of the specific age of your baby appropriately. Never let the baby meal be your problem!
You may worry about plastic is not a reliable material to be a food container, however, our infant food maker was made of BPA free material that is qualified by FDA to be used as a food container. Besides the material, the design of the bottle is also considerate, a handle was added to prevent you get scalded by hot food meanwhile your baby does not have to wait until you can grab the bottle 

Overall this a really easy to use baby food maker, Its easy to use and also multifunctional which is awesome! If you would like to watch it in a video, check out the video below
If you like the product and want to grab one for yourself get it now at

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Honest B Lab Diaper Bag Review

 Hey lovelies today I like to share this awesome piece that is affordable and great to have. So let’s get to it  we’re going to be looking at this cutest baby  diaper bag. I found this bag really useful to use as every day basis. I feel that this is the most functional diaper bag that I have came across. There are so many slots and pouches and pockets that you can keep and store stuff for the babies. Does diaper bag helps to organize in a easier way and then easy to find stuff.  It does come with its own pouch and a changing pad which makes it a unique piece. I love the print it’s very girly and suits my needs. 

Here is a look at the diaper bag

 a peak inside 
 the pouch and diaper changing pad
 the front pocket

 Overall this is a multi functional usage for the bag you can also store your own personal stuff while caring baby stuff such as laptops iPads and etc.  nevertheless I filled this makes it a beautiful and perfect gift for any moms to be her soon to be moms.

Do grab yours today at the link down below

Saturday, September 1, 2018

10 piece Marble brush set

Hello guys,
I wanted to share with you guys this gorgeous set with you guys.

this is how it arrived 

this is after I removed it from the bag
 inside the bag was these pretty brushes
 I love the way they are super light weight and easy to use
 they are beautiful with white finin
 would make a great statement in your collection

About the product
  • ◆Professional Makeup Brushes - Marble pattern,Hot summer gives you a cool feeling.Professional Face Eyeliner Blush Contour Foundation Cosmetic Brushes for use with powders, liquid cream, bronzers, minerals, or blushes.
  • ◆Ultra-soft Premium Synthetic Bristle - Makeup brushes set made of fluffy cruelty-free bristles,super soft but sturdy enough to hold foundation well and don't soak up the pigments,non-shedding,non- irritate,suitable for all skins.
  • ◆Marble Handle Design–The Marble Look handles are made with a comfortable design for seemingly effortless movements.Standing on the table design ,more clean and neat , perfect handle size ,easy to use and make

Overall I think these brushes are super cute and very reasonably priced,
They are really affordable, it comes with 10 pieces of brushes, a pouch and a sponge cleaner.
Comes with 5 face and 5 eye brushes.

I have also created a video for you to look at the brushes to get a closer look.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Silicone Baby Food Freezer Trays Review

Silicone Baby Food Freezer Trays

Hello loves

Today I wanted to share with you this amazing finding.
It’s great for freezeing baby food and having it handy to have in the next meal time! I found it really handy to use for fresh foods for babies.

This is how it arrived

I love the fact that it has recipes on the back, so they are great tips!!

Top view
Without the lid

I also like the portions are pretty good size.

I would recommend it you are starting baby food, it’s great for diy baby food.

Also it’s great to mold Breast milk, u can just mold it and use it later 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Baby Moccasins Shoes Unboxing & Review

Baby Moccasins Shoes

 Hello everyone, today I wanted to share with you these cute Moccasin, so lets get to it.

This is how the package arrived

 Inside was this cute little box
 Inside was this bag
 A closer look at the bad
 The other side had Pidoli on it
 inside was this these cute little Moccasin shoes
 love how cute they are
 The back of the shoes
 Love the fact that strech out so they can used a needed

Product Description:

  • Leather
  • Leather sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 2 from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 2.00"
  • MOCCASINS 100%Handmade With Durable Soft Leather Sole
  • 100% GENUINE LEATHER, Thickness1.4-1.6
  • ELASTIC Opening And Leather Insole Stay On Your Baby's Feet
  • DOESN"T Smell Comfortable And Ventilate
  • For SIZE, Please Measure Baby's Feet Length And Refer To Our Size Chart,The Age Is Jus For Reference

Overall I found these Baby Moccasin shoes super soft and comfortable material. They are handmade with Genuine leather. I love the finsihing and the color. They have more colors to offer which I love becase there are selection of colors. These make wounderful gift for family & friends!!


Get yours today at



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