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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Baby Moccasins Shoes Unboxing & Review

Baby Moccasins Shoes

 Hello everyone, today I wanted to share with you these cute Moccasin, so lets get to it.

This is how the package arrived

 Inside was this cute little box
 Inside was this bag
 A closer look at the bad
 The other side had Pidoli on it
 inside was this these cute little Moccasin shoes
 love how cute they are
 The back of the shoes
 Love the fact that strech out so they can used a needed

Product Description:

  • Leather
  • Leather sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 2 from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 2.00"
  • MOCCASINS 100%Handmade With Durable Soft Leather Sole
  • 100% GENUINE LEATHER, Thickness1.4-1.6
  • ELASTIC Opening And Leather Insole Stay On Your Baby's Feet
  • DOESN"T Smell Comfortable And Ventilate
  • For SIZE, Please Measure Baby's Feet Length And Refer To Our Size Chart,The Age Is Jus For Reference

Overall I found these Baby Moccasin shoes super soft and comfortable material. They are handmade with Genuine leather. I love the finsihing and the color. They have more colors to offer which I love becase there are selection of colors. These make wounderful gift for family & friends!!


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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Waterproof Plush Change Pad Cover 100% Cotton Grey and White Unboxing & Review

Waterproof Plush Change Pad Cover 100% Cotton Grey and White Chevron Velvet by Ely's & Co no need for Changing Pad Liner

 Hello Loves, wanted to share with this waterproof changing pad cover.

This is how the package arrive
 Inside was this box
 The side of the box
 the back of the box
 The other side of the box
 Here is the first look at the cover
 a closer look at the fabric
 the back side, which has a waterproof covering
 the adjustable lastic, which helps to hold the cover in place

About the product
  • Waterproof: Changing Pad Cover with Waterproof Changing Pad Liner Protection. This Changing Pad Cover is Lined with Waterproof TPU Material to prevent leakage.
  • Unisex and Comfortable, Soft Plush Material: 100% High Quality Velvet Cotton in soft grey color ideal for both baby boy and baby girl
  • Convenient Sizes: Fits Changing Table Pads with Slits for Most Safety Straps. Dimensions: 32 x 16 x 5 inches
  • Easy Clean: Machine washable, 100% Natural Cotton Velvet
  • Superior Safety: Tight elastic band, doubly reinforced for durability with TPU waterproof lining to protect your changing pads from any leaks ,Superior reinforcement for snug change pad cover fit

 The fabric is super soft, and prefect for diaper changing, after washing it for couple of times it is still soft, and as new. I love the neutral print.


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6 Layer Multi Use Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket

 Layer Multi Use Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Hello loves, Today I wanted to share with this lovely swaddle blanket, It is super soft and comfy so let's unbox it. 

 This is how the box arrived
Here is what was inside

The Muslin Swaddles

Its pretty big
closer look at the print

The other side

Super soft

About the product
  • Warm, Multipurpose Blanket – This 100% cotton muslin blanket can be used in multiple ways such as a receiving wrap, bath towel, stroller cover or sleeping pad.
  • Soft, Breathable Comfort – The warm, plush fabric provides relaxing support to sleeping babies when used as a blanket and improved absorbency as a baby towel.
  • Soothing, Relaxing Sleep – Swaddling babies can help improve sleep consistency for deeper, more continuous sleep; good for boys, girls and parents alike.
  • Adorable Shower or Maternity Gift – Give these muslin swaddling blankets as a push present or for expecting mothers at a baby shower; great for boys or girls.
  • Unmatched Quality & Satisfaction – Each 6-layer swaddling blanket is fortified with a reinforced edge and high-quality craftsmanship; all backed by quality assurance.

    Overall I loved the size of this Cotton Muslin swaddle Blanket, Its super soft, and prefect to use to have your baby cover, and also can be used for other things. They are prefect to swaddle, and use as a blanket. The are light weight so its not a bulky.



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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

TimeFlys Video Baby Monitor TC350 2 Cameras 3.5 inch Review & Unboxing

TimeFlys Video Baby Monitor TC350 2 Cameras 3.5 inch LCD Vibration Night Vision Two Way Talk Temperature Monitoring and Warning 1000 Feet Range High Capacity Battery 1600mAH 

 Hello Lovies, Today we will look at this Baby Monitor

 So let's get to it

 This is how the box looks like

 The back of the box
 All the options that the Video baby monitor offers
 this how the packaging was inside the box
 So all of what you see below comes in the box
 the 3.5 Inch screen monitor
 The side controls
the display on the monitor
 comes with the easy to mount the disk, simply screw it in the wall
 Love the fact that it's magnetic so you can just take it off and also move it around to where your baby is sleeping
 love the idea
 can connect two cameras
 it has a stand so you don't have to hold it at all times
 stands up just fine
 all the controls options on the monitor

About the product
  • 2 Cameras: Video baby monitor with 2 cameras to monitor 2 rooms at the same time.
  • Vibration : Vibration and, or acoustic sound works together to draw the attention of the parents to take care of the baby.
  • Temperature Monitoring and Warning: The LCD screen of pare nt unit can indicate the temperature of the baby room in real time. Beyond the range (60.8F - 86F) there will be acoustic warning.
  • Magnetic Base of Camera : Unique magnetic base design allows you fix the camera on metal anywhere, such as fridge, door, etc.
  • 1600mAh Big Built In Battery of Parent Unit : Big built in battery offers a long duration up to 8 hours usage. 




Flexible Tripod Best for iPhone 8 X 7 6 5 CellMount USB Rechargeable Bluetooth Remote for iOS Unboxing & Review

Flexible Tripod Best for iPhone 8 X 7 6 5 CellMount USB Rechargeable Bluetooth Remote for iOS


 Hello Loves,

Today I wanted to share with you the Lovely Claw, which helps in taking pictures so let's unbox it

So this is how the package arrived

 Inside was this
 The 1st side of the box
 The back side
 The order side
 inside was all instructions, the claw, the holder, the clicker, and a mini USB cable to charger the clicker, and pouch to hold the whole bundle
 a closer look at the pouch
 this is how the tripod looks like, its super flexible
 this is the holder on top
 the charging port for the clicker
 the clicker itself

The Claw - Flexible Travel Tripod fromRecord Peak Designs.
The CLAW is a really fun product, lightweight for travel and very user-friendly! It paired seamlessly with my Sony Xperia (Android) without using third-party connectivity programs (one link is kindly provided just in case!) After that, it is easy to attach the legs to just about anything, point your camera, sit back and shoot. The video portion, however, did not work with my Android setup, which I didn't choose to troubleshoot. This kept me from trying it out as a bedroom, er, documentation tool...but I can see lots of uses lot. I don't do video anyway, not that kind.

Traditional tripods are designed for flat surfaces. "THE CLAW" is a multi-surface tripod that stabilizes your camera for perfect picture or movie taking from virtually any support. Try it wrapped around a tree branch, attached to your handlebars, or clamped around a ski pole for an impromptu group shot on the hill.

   "THE CLAW" is an essential for any serious amateur or professional photographer. "THE CLAW" is a compact, durable, and lightweight Tripod that has strong nonslip flexible rubber legs and feet that create a stable and secure camera platform. The legs can be bent and twisted into any position and its ball-joint head can be put into position in any direction. "THE CLAW" was intelligently designed with a camera quick release that allows your camera to be removed from the tripod head without changing the mounting position.

I love that this Claw is so flexible and easy to capture different shots. I also like the fact that it comes with a clicker, which makes it super easy to take a shot. You can take it yourself and don't need anyone to take a shot for you. The Tripod and also get adjusted to the different size of the stand so you can you it as you need. Also Very affordable to where it's not so much for a tripod.






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