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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kindz Upgraded Accordion Wallet Review

Hello Lovies, Today I wanted to show you this Kindz Wallet and its super convenient to have all the stuff on place 
 This is how the wallet was inside the package
The wallet without the wrapper. Its lovely and smooth
inside it has tons of slots for cards and coins and stuff
 its also has a front open panel with more card slots and ID holder 
this is the back side of the wallet  

Over all Love this wallet, its so easy to use and makes it easy to keep all the stuff in one place also its easy to keep in the hand bag. I love the fact you can also carry it by itself and have all the stuff handy. Some wallets can be big and bulky yet this one is perfect to travel with! I love the fact it has a smooth zipper, and lots of space for credit cards.  It also comes with RFID Blocking Material, so your Credit card, ID, debit card information is protected from Identity thieves!! I would really Recommend it.

There are also more colors available 
AS175-E1-Upgraded Blue Accordion WalletAS175-R1-2-Upgraded Red Accordion Wallet
AS175-Z1-2-Upgraded Black Accordion Wallet

Product Description

Kinzd New Arrival : Womens Accordion Leather Credit Card Holder Wizard Wallet 2 Zipper RFID 13 Slots
Elegant& Safe Card Holder Wizard Wallet
Many Women will always confused how to choose the stylish, suitable and safe wallet? We have made in-depth investigate on market and design this very Good wallet for them.
It is a fashion and practical Accordion Wizard Wallet, Palm-sized design, convenient to take it when shopping or travel. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about credit card information being leached. With RFID Blocking material, it will protect your credit cards, debit cards, ID cards etc. from identity thieves ,blocking external scanning devices, or electronic pick-pocketing.
Practical & Compact Ladies Wallet

This wallet is made of Soft but sturdy Genuine leather,enough roomy, with double zip-around compartments for extra secure storage. It include 2 zippered compartments, ID window,10 accordion folds, and 2 cash slots ,keep your belongings well organized. We made 2 metal Zippers which is better quality than other plastic zippers on market. Also there is a clear finger glide for ID window, so very easy to take your ID Card/driver license in and out.

Confident purchasing: Please note this wallet with months Warranty, replace or money back without any hassle

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Friday, July 7, 2017

HSI Professional Glider 1" Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Review

HSI Professional Glider 1" Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Hello Lovies,
Hope all you are doing well, well today I wanted to share with this amazing HSI Professional Glider 1" Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron!! so lets get to it.

This is how I received the package
 Inside was this beautiful Box
 and I also found an other small package 
 In which was this
 this is how this beauty looked liked when I opened up the box
this HSI easy to travel case is lovely
love the fact that it has a glove
  also came with a protective travel pouch and a glove
 This was Before
This is after
Love it 
This is are flip outs that i have done

I love how the results!! They are just amazing with this flat iron. I have purchased many at drug store irons and I must say this is great to straighten the hair or even create fabulous curlers. This one really give amazing flip outs and curls that last long as I have shared in the picture above

The Argan Oil that comes with the HSI Glider has also help to leave hair smooth and sleekly. You can use it before or after the using the flat iron. I personally like to use it after, unless my hair is super dry after a shower.  I cant get over how amazing this this oil smells!!

  • To start the Iron you have to turn on the button to ON, and adjust the temperature 
  • It has Temperature Control which can adjust from 240f up to 450f
  • It has 100% True solid ceramic tourmaline plates along with advance infrared heated technology
  • It come with a heat glove, 60ML Argan oil leave in conditioner bottle, and heat pouch to store the Iron.
  • Its easy to use Flip and Curl round body shape design to allow hair style as flip outs, Curl or straighten hair.

Hair trends may come and go, but the straight shiny hair will never go out of fashion! for the women who are addicted to perfectly sleek hair, the flat iron is an irreplaceable beauty accessory! That is why HSI Professional created the versatile, must-have flat iron which instantly transforms your dull frizzy mane into a cover girl straight hair. The flat iron boasts a revolutionary ceramic ionic system for guaranteed hydrated and shiny hair, combined with a smart infrared technology which acts in depth, giving you sleek hair with an attitude. This dual voltage worldwide edition has 100% solid ceramic tourmaline plates that protect the hair, giving it extra-shine, and its curved round edges will help you straighten, flip or curl your hair, salon-style. The adjustable temperature can go up to 450F and the 360 swivel cord, plus the ergonomic design will make this experience fun and easy. Even the girls with the most stubborn types of hair can now say good-bye to annoying frizz. It's sleek time.

The Professional HSI Flat Iron is great for transforming frizzy, dull hair into gorgeously straight, sleek locks. Aside from straightening, the Professional HSI Flat Iron curls and flips hair beautifully, its 1" plates giving maximum control for all hair types. With flash quick heating and swivel cord, this iron provides great style without making a mess or taking too much time. Featuring new easier grip with ergonomic design for easier hold, the styler flat iron also has versatile heat settings to provide you with total control for all your hairstyling needs. Moist ceramic heat with solid ceramic plates and coils will maintain even temperature. 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Number 4 - Sugar Texturizing Spray

Number 4 - Sugar Texturing Spray

Hello Everyone,
Today I wanted to share with you this new product which is my goto product!! It is by far one of the best products that I have come across!! I love to use it everyday, and would love to share with you guys!!

This is how the package arrived
 inside the box was the
 the second side
 and the third side
inside the packaging
this is the Number 4 - Sugar Texturizing Spray

Easy to use Pump Spray 

 So when I first tried on the the product on my hair on the arrival of the package I was like not sure what I felt about it, because I had used in on dry hair. Yet I knew right away that I loved the smell of the Sugar Texturizing Spray.
Then I tested it out on damp hair and that is when you really get to feel the product, and see how it is. I feel the best result are when you use it on damp hair and then blow dry it!! I just love the texture that left after blow drying it!!!

so here is my hair after a a shower and my hair is damp

this is how my hair is nautically 
this is after a blow dry with a brush
I just love the shine and texture!! it becomes super fluffy 
It just great how the ends fall together so nicely
another picture with the Sugar Texturizing Spray
so this is another day where I try to play and see how it works with hair a bit flipped out
and I love how they fall together naturally
 love this product 
 gives a fuller and nicer finish!!

Overall I started to love this product the more I use it. I feel my hair tends to get a lot oily and has no volume at times, yet when I used the Sugar texturing spray it works great for me!!its gives amazing shine, Most of the texturing Sprays on the market are very dry and flat, yet this one gives some shine as well as texture.
I highly recommend this product if you would like to have a texture in your hair,

Here is some more information about the Sugar Texturing Spray. IT achieves hair texture through simple sugar cane molecules and flexible styling aids producing a lattice of soft structure and haphazard patterns of loose, shiny waves. flex net resins help keep loosest texture intact despite unfavorable conditions of heat and humidity, while ant-static properties provide extra nourishment.

Sugar Texturing Spray denounces salt while heralding sugar in a declaration of sweet love for hair texture that is perfectly undone. Transform limp, lackluster strands into loose, touchable soft, “beach inspired” waves with a nourishing blend of sugar and flexible styling aids. Sugar Texturing Spray aids in style defense against humidity to help build a long-lasting relationship with texture that’s more than just a summer fling.


It Is Vegan, Gluten Free, sulfate & sodium chloride free, Parana Free, Color Protecting, Ant-aging, Cruelty Free, 
Fragrance Notes: Tonka beans, Patchouli, Spanish moss.

How to Use This Product

When using on Dry hair, use spray and flip your hair upside and shake them, this will leave you with a nice beachy look.

Before doing a undo, apply to dry hair and then style a desire undo.

Great to use with diffuser or flatiron or curling iron to style or texture hair.

Currently Retails for $22.00
grab yours today at

Hope you guys enjoyed the review!! Till next time


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Apalus Brush Review

Hello Lovies, today I will be sharing my thoughts about the Apalus Brush
So lets get to it

So this is how the package came in the mail
when I open it, this is what was inside.
on the side of the box, showe the top view of the brushes in color Pink & Teal Blue
on the other side of the box was the from side of the brush
When I Open the box, this is what I sew
Inside the box were 2 Clips, 1 Glove, 1 Brush, and the guid

On the Brush holder it had its logo Apalus
The grip where you old the brush had a nice design, and had a clean finish
the brush had the cold of Teal blue
the side had the Power, and Temperature up and down buttons
It cams with a Valvet storage bag
the 2 clips are really handy
It also had the 360 cord, so the wire wouldn't tangle

I love the way this product is packaged, I felt amazing about the product when I received it. It came with a glove and clips that that holds the hair. It always came with a valvet brush holding pouch, which helps in storing the product when not being used. This brush has power button with tempeture adjuster, One of the thing that I like about the power and temepter adjuster that it locks to its control after 5 seconds, by double clicking the power it will unlock. When using the brush, I felt very satisfied with the results. After taking a shower I let my hair air dry, and then use the Apalus Straightening brush to give the smooth and sleek look to my hair. I felt this worked the best for me. I found the two clip holder that came are super handy.

Check out my details video review For more information

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Disclaimer: I did received this item on a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

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