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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 Review + Giveaway

Hello lovelies, so I got this package in the mail the other day,
Inside was this
wondering what this is?
here is a bit about the company and the product
Do you struggle to fall asleep no matter how tired you are?  Are you having trouble relaxing after a stressful day?  Let Sleep Scentsations aromatherapy scents create a pampered bedtime retreat and better nights sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
No more messy linen sprays that fade quickly and require daily application.  Sleep Scentsations are easy-to-use pillow liners infused with essential oils and fragrance that last 4-5 nights. Simply place Sleep Scentsations on your pillow and the scent is released into the air creating a relaxing atmosphere and helping you to unwind and fall asleep easier.
First of all I cant get it over how nicely it was delivered! it was packaged nicely and sent in a nice manner! I thought it was super  cute to send out the collection!
Inside the bag was the Pleasant Dreams Collection
On the back of each pack is a information of how to use them in your pillow
Super cute packaging
Now your favorite pillow can have your favorite scent too! Choose from our variety of scents, hang a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door and get ready to drift off to sleep as you enjoy Sleep Scentsations and the benefits of aroma-therapy.
Surround yourself with fresh aromatic scents that help you unwind and enjoy a better nights sleep.
Our Scents
All the above scent were included in the package, All of them had a a wounder scent to them, yet from all the scents my favorite was Snore Rx, Relax, Romance!
On some of the package has this information direction to add them to your pillow!
how to use according to the site
Tired of linen sprays that are damp, messy and the scent doesn't last? 
Sleep Scentsations is the solution!
Sleep Scentsations products are a soft, cushioned pillow liner infused with quality aroma-therapy oils that lasts for 4-6 nights.  Create a relaxing spa experience in your bedroom and indulge your senses as you drift off to sleep.
Simply place Sleep Scentsations aroma-therapy liners on your pillow and enjoy a natural, drug-free solution to help you get a better nights sleep.
How to Use
*liner dimensions: 6 x12 in. for optimal coverage 

1. Open packet and peel the protective backing from the liner.
2. Apply the liner onto the pillow underneath the pillowcase.
3. Once scent diminishes, remove and replace with a new liner. 
So I opened the packaged and this is how they look inside the package
when i took it out it was like this, just like a soft scent padded sheet
below  is mine added on my pillow
 Over all this is lovely product, I did use them for about 4 weeks while, the scent from the packet last for about 7-9 days which is very impressive. After i had used one packet I would add a new one for a new scent that would last about a week or more. I recommend washing your pillow case after you have each scent for a week, so you will have cleaner scent a new one!
I have used the spray kinds from bath & body works, yet the smell goes away in couple of hours
The shipping was super fast, and lovely customer service!
Do check out and let me know what you think!

Here is a a chance for you to win the Pleasant Dreams Collection
all you have to do follow the below rules!

1. Must be my GFC public follower!
2. Must add me on my Facebook:

Till me why you want to when the Pleasant Dreams Collection?
All entries will then be added together and one random winner will be picked from

Giveaway end May 1,2011 


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