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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hello Friends, First and foremost I wanted to thank everyone who took time out to message and email, and being super kind to stay in touch. This is what keeps me going! THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH!! Hope you guys are doing well, sorry I been MIA for a bit, yet I haven't forgotten you guys!! Married life is keep it pretty busy, with work, hubby and new family!!
As many of might have noticed some of my blog post are missing, I have been trying to work to get them back up, yet it may be hard and all the data might have been lost. I will be getting back to repost the post that had gotten deleted :(
Also thinking of new Theme for the blog, let me know if you guys have any recommendations, I will be on the look for those!!
If you didn't know I always keep my Instagram and fanpage uptodate to life, including with everyday updates and Etc. If you guys have any request for reviews or anything please leave them in the comment, you can also email me regarding them as well.
Thank you guys for being really close and king
Love you all
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Thank you for visiting