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Monday, April 4, 2011

EarRings from

 Best thing about the Shop is the PRICES and they claim that they work very hard to keep prices affordable. Nevertheless the product you pick, you get an idea what to expect from the picture they have up on the site. Last but not the least they have friendly return policy along with paid return shipping fee. So no worries in trying things out!
So I got these in the mail about 2 weeks ago, from Cutieshacks. It's is a trendy fashion affordable online shop, and has super discounted deals. I found some very good prices for elegant jewelry, so I thought I would share my thought with you guys about the site.So this is how I received the product
 Inside the card was the my order, Nicely packaged and delivered safely! Golden Leave Earrings
 The Quality of this product was seriously unexplainable, These earring are very Durable, I have paid for many products which are higher price then this product and the quality is very cheap. Yet the material used to create(alloy) this product feel nice.  

Image from the site

This product is $3.50 USD
Made with Material: Alloy
Color: Gold
Length: 3'
aren't these the cuties earrings ever? these can go with a dressy look or a casual look!
Very fluffy and nice, having them in my hand gives you an idea of how big they are
Here is a a preview
With hair Up!
With Hair down
So the shop is really affordable and great styles. This online store also carries Headbands, Necklaces, Earrings, and Belts. They also have a accessories $5 and under. Love the prices and styles!!!!
  • The shop prices are a lot lower than ordinary online retail stores.
  • Everything in stock, They are located in the US. You pay a little for a super fast delivery!
  • In case you don't like any item for Whatever reason, they have easy return policy (they pay for the return shipping!)
They have Friday Deals, in which  you get a huge deals on Fridays. In which they clean up there inventory, and its more of a chance or customer to get some steal some deal.

According to the site : Three types of merchandise will be part of the Fri-Off sale:

  1. Clearance items: these items are in perfect condition. However, we do not wish to carry them anymore. We want to sell them fast so we can introduce new products!
  2. Items with less than perfect quality: we are very picky when it comes to product quality! We always place a sample order with our suppliers to check the quality of their products. Sometimes, we are not happy with what we get! So we make these sample items available for you to purchase. We definitely don't want you to pay full prices! All items in this category will be listed at wholesale prices.
  3. Items with defects: Occasionally, Cutie Shack receives products with defects. It's unfortunate, but we can't stop them from happening. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure! Every Friday, we will make the defect item(s) available for purchase. You will know exactly what the defects are, and what the defect items look like. All items in this category will be listed at wholesale prices.
So, be sure to check back every Friday to see what's up for grabs!

So do Check out the store and let me know what you think?
Shipping was super duper FAST!

Thanks you Teresa for gifting me this product!<3


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