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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make Me Classy Review & Thoughts + Giveaway!

So This is how I received Sigma Beauty's Package
A peek inside the package
Yes that is right its MAKE ME CLASSY BRUSH KIT
Nicely Package and safely Delivered
Detail information about each Brush
The Box of Make me Classy
The back of the box, I'm in love with the BOX!
The box was sealed with this Sigma beauty sticker!! TO CUTE
Inside the BOX
OMG this is soooooo cute!!!
and the Brushes inside again nicely packaged
All the brushes were in there own single plastic bags, and Face brushes with the plastic tops to keep them in safe!!
This  professional 12 brush kit now comes in beautiful colors and inside a durable and multifunctional container! Besides protecting your brushes, this exclusive container transforms into two stylish brush holders!

Best deal compared to individual brush purchase! Save $53!
 Eyeliner - E05   - Retails for $9.00
Pencil - E30 -Retails for $9.00
Tapered Blending - E40 - Retails for $9.00
Eye Shading - E55 - Retails for $9.00
Large Shader - E60  - Retails for $9.00
Small Angle - E65 - Retails for $9.00
Medium Angled Shading - E70  - Retails for $9.00
Large Powder - F30 - Retails for $16.00
Large Angled Contour - F40 - Retails for $14.00
 Duo Fibre - F50 - Retails for $16.00
Foundation - F60  - Retails for $14.00
Concealer - F70 - Retails for $9.00

The E30 - Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, and upper and lower lash line. Also ideal to smudge out pencil liner. Natural bristles.

Large Angled Contour - F40 - The angled shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades. Natural bristles.

Eye Shading - E55 - Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. Ideal to build intense color on the eyelid. Natural bristles.
Large Powder - F30 - Very dense with a rounded top. Ideal to apply powder products on face and body. Natural bristles.
Duo Fibre - F50 - Specially designed to generate an airbrushed finish when used to apply liquid foundation. It can also be used to apply blush, highlight shades and loose pigments. Blend of synthetic and natural bristles.

Tapered Blending - E40 - Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Natural bristles.
Concealer - F70 - The rounded, tapered, flat shape makes this brush ideal to conceal the under eye area. It is also recommended for a precise application in small areas. Synthetic bristles.
Foundation - F60 - Can be used to apply liquid or cream foundation. It is also recommended to apply moisturizers and conceal large areas. Synthetic bristles.
Large Shader - E60 - Flat shape is ideal for application of cream formulas and eye shadow primers. It also works great with loose eye shadows or pigments. Can be used to apply color all over the lid or precisely on the lash line.
Medium Angled Shading - E70 - Angled, tapered, flat top. Ideal to apply highlight shades underneath the eyebrow and on the inner corners. It can also be used for a precise application of darker shades on the crease area. Natural bristles.
Eyeliner - E05 An extra-fine tipped synthetic fiber brush that delivers a precise, firm, even stroke to line the eyes. Pencil -
Small Angle - E65 - Essential for the application of gel or cream eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line. This brush is also excellent for filling out the eyebrows. Synthetic bristles.
So this is how the whole kit looks life you can keep face brushes in one and eye brushes on the others
doesn't it look lovely
the eye brushes
both of them together

all together, ready to leave on a trip!
LOVE the whole Sigma LOGO on the Package
Here is a chance for you to win your own KIT!

Over all I loved this kit, and the quality of each and every single brush. I also took it on a trip with me, and they are super easy to carry, not only that but they look super cute on the counter top. I love the whole classy feel to them. Now that I have used them, it hard for me to be without them, since I reach for them all the time.
This kit is affordable an make a lovely gift for any girl, who loves makeup or even not. Its a one time investment.
check it out here

Shipping was SUPER DUPER FAST!! 

Finally here is the GIVEAWAY!!



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    My favorite item! Super cute kit, easy to travel with, and has all the brush essentials. It's basically the same kit, just a different color! :)

  2. I love the Sigma Make Me Classy Kit. It looks so sleek and great for travel! I also like the Synthetic Face Kit and the Eyes Kit. I don't have any Sigma Brushes yet and I really want them. Thanks so much for this giveaway!! I signed up on Luuux as Bella Dioraddict.

  3. I love this:

    I'm kind of confused about the luuux thing; What if we already have an account?

  4. I would LOVE to win this, but this is a lot to ask from your followers. You are not giving us an option with following on facebook or the other requirements. Thanks, but I will pass.

  5. I like this one but what should i type for the column "Luuux E-mail Signup?" ? i'm confuse~

  6. i love the colours of this palette!!

  7. I love Synthetic face kit:

  8. I love that one, but I would lllllove this kit <3


    il mio preferito!!!!
    Erika Milani

  10. Hi,

    My favorite Product is Make me Classy Kit and here is the link ,

    I wish to win it .


  11. I love this:

  12. You're asking too much! I'm not participating.

  13. wow,this is wonderful!
    On the site,i love these brushes in coral[pink] and purple...but who cares about their colour,when what really matters is their quality?


  14. I LOVE THIS:

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  17. woooww me encanta el kit make me crazy rosa esta super lindo espero haberlo hecho bien bss =)
    creo que este link me faltaba =)

  18. I love this:

    My favorite item! Super cute kit, I loved loved loveddddd it...I hope this time I win

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  22. I love this:

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    Premium Travel Kit............ i justtttttttttt luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . .................................................................... :)))))))))))))

  25. my favourite product is

    thank you for giving us the oportunity to win some sigma products. XoXo

  26. hello, I hope to have participated in properly fill out the form, I speak Spanish.
    My favorite product of Sigma is
    I really like, I have not tried others and expect to win because the drawing ends on my birthday which is July 29
    thank you very much for the draw and luck

  27. Love

    It applies my foundation amazingly!!!

  28. I forgot to say in the form that I am a GFC follower as ktun. I thought that the name meant my real name. But I am ktun and my name is Tina Lane :)

  29. I love Sigma products, I have some of their brushes wich I use every single day but I would love to try the new eyeshadow palettes too. My favorite one is:
    Thank you so much and good luck everyone.

  30. Thank you for invite me on your giveaway. One of my favoutites of sigma is:

    i don't understand, what should i do for the column Luuux E-mail Signup??
    Thank you


    Love it! Alexandra Simon

  32. Me gusta la Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki - Purple se puede llevar bien en el bolso

  33. filled the form and entered the giveaway.. My fav product from sigma is your giveaway but I love the 3 face kabuki brushes - absolute bliss!!!

  34. I love the colours of this palette!!

  35. Filled the form! My fav products is of course the 58 flat top Kabuki by Sigma!


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