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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Winners for Sen7

Finally 4 winners have been selected to win the Sen7- Fragrance Atomizer Refillable

Overall I had 2070 entries 

The first winner is
Second winner is
Third winner
Forth winner is

PLEASE EMAIL ME AT with your information, also in the subject line Put Sen7 so that way i wont miss your mail if it goes to spam.

If the winner doesn't contact me with in a week I will be picking a new winner!

for those who didn't win check out the current giveaway!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Canvas for Ipad2 from Thoughts and Review

So this is how I got the package in the mail
This is was was inside the CANVAS was sealed in the bag
In the box, LOVE the packaging
IPAD2 CANVAS Auto on/ off function
What the case can do!!
All that is included with the case
So much input in the case, love the detailing
the Canvas Itself
The inside
The iPad 2 place
The detailing on the case, SWITCHEASY
The headphone, and the Pin connector protectors
The Manual, Etc..
 Next to each other
 before Screen Guard
The ipad 2 inside the case
the Case
View adjustable
the cover also folds back
the sides
The Back
The side, love the sleekness
auto on & off
The Pin protector
the headphone protector

About CANVAS For iPad 2

Key Features:

  • Unique ultra protective hybrid polycarbonate / canvas design.
  • Supports auto On/Off feature on iPad 2.
  • Single flip photo taking.
  • Makes a versatile stand with 3 viewing angles.
  • Made from durable scratch resistant matte coated canvas material.
  • Super rich padded microfiber lining.
Available in different colors

Auto On/Off

Amongst a list of new features for the iPad 2, the auto sleep feature is a great feature for the energy conservationist in you. CANVAS for iPad 2 is one of the first folio cases in the market that supports this feature. With a simple flip of the cover, your iPad 2 will be automatically turned on or off as you please.

Everything but the kitchen sink

As a SwitchEasy tradition we have included everything you need to protect and accessorize your iPad 2. With our CANVAS package, you'll get the following:
  • One CANVAS for iPad 2
  • One anti-static Screen Guard
  • One Microfiber cloth
  • One Squeegee for your Screen
  • Two Headphone Jack Protectors
  • Two 30 Pin Connector Protectors
Overall my thoughts: So First to began with I love the packaging it came in, then I came to noticing the color, Everyone that I know whom has an iPad has to have a black case. So this case in brown is so unique and different,  on top it stand out when you are really looking for your iPad. After opening the case, the case felt nice and sleek in the hands, just like a notebook, Easy & Light to carry. So I love the fact that the case came with the whole kit which included the CANVAS case itself, the Anti-Static Screen Guard, which I adore, the Microfiber cloth, which is simply very handy, the Squeegee for the screen, super handy!!, The 2 headphone Jack protectors, and the Two 30 pin Connect protector. So its lovely to see everything that you need being included with the purchase. So after I put on the Screen protector on the iPad, I imported my iPad in the CANCAS. The CANVAS felt nice and lovely in the hands, I can't rave enough about the Auto On/Off option, which most cases dont have, yet this one does. This one is one of the New features to consume less battery. Just flipping the would turn on the iPad, or off when you close it. 

Then I found the Dual Function very handy, and LOVE IT ALL THE WAY!! This case is design to has different viewing angle according to the need. I found it very handy while being in the bad laying down and enjoying a movie, or yet doing work on the iPad. 

Overall I love the CANVAS, and have been Enjoying it for about a month, The CANVAS hasn't harmed my iPad in anyway, I love the way it is.
Nevertheless love the fact it comes in so many different colors pick yours according to your needs!

Available in many different colors

Lovely customer service and super fast shipping!!


Click here for my Favorite brushes

Tons of LOVE!!
till next time

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Corioliss Hair Brush Review + Giveaway

This is how received this package from Corioliss
A peek inside
Nicely packaged to deliver products safely
Inside the package was...
2 Hair brushes fashion Brushes
The back of the box,

“I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” From Madonna

The handle is super soft, and easy to hold
The top feel super soft on the head, while brushing the hair
The bottom pin on the bottom
it comes out, could be used to separate/section your hair
Lovely and very handy

Site description
Fashion Brush has a perfect body shape for detangling and straightening out long hair types. The cushioned soft ball tip quills gently massage the scalp whilst brushing and the soft fluted handle molds to the hand. 

Features: Anti static rubber cushioned pad prevents fly-away hair Unique, detachable flexible section pin allows easy sections with one hand. Fashion Brush Available in Blue or Yellow.

·  Anti static rubber cushioned pad
·  Detachable pin for sectioning

So after using this brush, I reach of it all the time, it very soft to the hair, and lovely to blow dry the hair with. The sectioning been is super handy also. The Rubber cushioned pad is what makes this brush super nice and comfortable using it. I also use it to straighten my hair, and the shape of  the brush helps it to cover larger areas at one time.

The shipping was super fast, and everything was delivered nicely and neatly
Get your fashionable brush today at 
Here is your chance to win one for yourself

The giveaway prize :)
  Open International

Giveaway ends Aug 20, 2011
One winner will be picked at random from to win the Coriosliss Hair Brush in BLUE

*NOTE: Must follow all the above rules or else if you will be disqualified, if you are picked haven't done any of the above, I will have to pick another winner!

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