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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sigma Makeup brushes in unique colors & FREE gift!


Looking for proffesonal brushes? well its not to late, because sigma is offering a great deal! now they have them in unique colors so you can use them with whatever color you like!!
great deal check it out and let me know what you think about them!! also you can customize the kit suite your needs. They make GREAT gifts for every GIRL on any event! she will love you for this one!! PROMISE!!

not only this they offer free gift so best time to grab them while the are around, must use the link  to get the free gift!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Great Coupons for GHD iron up to 75%off

 hey there, i been a GHD fan for a long time and i hated the fact that i brought mine on regular price, i when i came across this deal i thought hey why not share long with some of great friends, so well as i said ill share them with you guys here they are!
Great deals on GHD if you plan to buy them this is the best time, i have great coupon codes that you can use till the dec 31th of 2010 so best deal after x-mas
i will link the list blow if your interested! hope this helps!

Please note: links have to be used in order to get the discount and also the coupon code!

GHD Styling Irons $25 Off   
Coupon Code:GHD25HDAY
Description:$25 off GHD Professional styling iron. Expires 12-31-2010

GHD Dazzle - $40 Off   

Description:$40 off GHD Dazzle purchase. Expires 12-31-2010

GHD Pink MK3 - $40 Off   

Description:$30 off GHD Pink MK3 styling iron. Expires 12-31-2010

GHD MK4 -$50 Off   

Coupon Code:GHDMK4HDAY
Description:$50 off GHD MK4 styling iron purchase. Expires 12-31-2010

 have a great one let me know if you used any of these!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The body shop SALE!

 SO great deal at the bodyshop, that i wanted to share with you guys hurry in to get great deals, products cheap at 3 bucks and 5 bucks great deal of all time!! i already placed my order!
click here to check out there link! 
let me know if you place an order, and what you got!!
best of lucks!!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


check out a sephora giveaway on my friends blog at aprialathena7!

Sephora Holiday Giveaway

also check you can signup there and get points to blog and can get ipods, iphones and tons more just for bloging

Friday, December 17, 2010


hey there my lovelies,
sorry for not updating, i have been sick and on top working full time! so been busy with that!

I have couple of things to review which i have been lining up, So keep your eyes up n open that, yet just a quick update:

sigma offering free gift with $30 purchase

hey are having a fab sale on Complete Kit with Brush Roll - Pink $20 buck of

great time to buy!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coastal Scent Order

Coastal Scent Order
So finally got my order and it was delivered supper fast with in a week! I am just loving all of me them yet if i had to pick one my favorite one is 88 metal mania, yet i love the other ones too, i love the pigmentation, yet havnt used them on my eyes, so wait for the review which i will post after using them!
love them so far and all of them are just too great the pictures are posted below, which i took yeterday!

bottom right 88 metal mania bottom left ultra shimmer 
top is 88 piece makeup palette ( matt)

 The 88 metal mania
 ultra shimmer
 matt shadows
 ultra shimmer
 the metal mania

so if you have any questions do let me know, i would be more them happy to answer your questions!!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Siga brushes?

Well if you are looking forward to ordering brushes, then this is the time to order, because with the order of $30 you get a free gift! with this link only >>> click here

great deals and great products! they make great gifts for holiday :)!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 Above image taken by me: do not copy! copyright!
the fabulous front open sandals by Carlos by Carlos Santana, with great snake metallic print with leather on the top side, open/ peak toe, with great style and comfy in wear, love the style and love the color and style goes with almost all the styles and trends!!

Great heal with 4 inch heels!
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 So i sew these the other day and just fell in love, the Carlos by Carlos Santana Willpower sandals
 with the 4 inch hell, lovely with snake metalic leater print, loves the way it looks and great to wear with any outfit, nice and comfy! on sale for $66.75  regularly $89.00

Above image by me, copyright! dont copy!
super comfy and look great on, need more picture or reviews just contact me or leave a comments
Thnanks OXOX

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