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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Contact lenese Review from

So I got my package in the mail and this is how it looked!

and this is what i got! the packaging was in EXTRA bubbles, so that  noting would break!

Awesome job in keeping everything in place!

SO I was thinking that the packaging was cute, though when I removed the bubble wrap it was even MORE CUTER!! the cute cases just took my breath away!!!
 The BOX WAS REALLY CUTE it said Sweet Heart with ribbon! Those make a great gift!


 Each contact lenses pair comes with a contact case.  I really like this contact case, with a cute little piggy on it and love the fact they are so easy to reach in the purse, nevertheless the color  help in remember which pears are in which case.

So guess what inside the BOX?
The Lenses Just so cute and love the packaging!

  Hana SPC Hyper Circle Grey.  
 These lenses are in the Hana SPC Brand had about  14.5mm Diameter, according the the site had  Water Content of  38%,  Base Curve of 8.6mm, last about 1 year and can be  disposed after that.

So I wore the contacts to try out they are, and how the feel,the feel super soft, and i barely tell they are on!! yes that's right!

Who's fearful of 14.5mm lenses? Or I want the only one to try them out? I was nervous that they would look alien-ish on me or to weird on me? 
These circle lenses are very  comfortable.  Since I am a full time employee, and I wore them from 11 hours and more. I didn't feel any discomfort all day long, I did try them out for more then 2 weeks to give a better review on them.
However with any lenses it is recommended that you do not wear them any longer than 8 hours so just keep that in mind if you've never worn contact lenses before. In my case I was just testing them out.

Thees lenses are made in Korea, as a diameter of 14.2mm,Water Content  of 45%, and Base Curve of 8.6mm and last about a year, and are to disposed after that

This is how the look on!

Some Times A line shows on the end of lenses where anyone could tell yours wearing them, on these you cant!

Over All, these lenses are Great! I liked the fact that the Neo Dali have a nice natural effect that I actually like, And the Hanas SPC Hyer Grey gives a anime eye look.
To be Honest, I felt that both of the colors were amazing, The natural and the gray tended to stand out a bit more, yet looked very natual. As of the diameter of these lenses, both of the pair were surprisingly comfortable. Even while blinking my eye lids, I did not feel that I had contacts on. Also they're are also not that obvious especially in low light. I wore these out, at work and weddings yet nobody really observed that i had contacts on. I felt these contacts give a nice shine and looks very natural just like doll eyes. Also I recommend these to be in necessity to have in your beauty box! The bratual brown eys or grey to have a stand out look!

Would I recommend these?
Overall, I would definitely purchase from this website.  I hope this post was helpful to anyone on the hurdle about whether or not they should buy lenses and where they should buy them from. Yes, these lenses are a lot of fun, and a great choice if you're looking for natural, gray or brown.
 So a cute reminder was on the bag, saying to soak them in the solution for 8 hours before wearing them after taking them out of the bottle.

Super cute and super lovely!

Information about the Company Started in 2008, to Start a online site that offers Simple online shopping experience. A Small friendly small team which makes it all happen!  
The contacts were shipped from Pos Malaysia, Shoppingholics Also deliver/ ship all over the world! Has super friendly Customer service.

Visit  the site today and gets yours today

One is Hana SPC Hyper Gray :  click here for the link  

 Other is Neo Dali Extra Brown : click here for link
 Shop price:USD32.50
Promotion price :USD29.50 with extremely fast shipping. is also a great website because they offer so many different types of circle lenses from all sorts of brands. So the possibilities are endless and I guarantee that there is a pair for someone out there! GET YOURS TODAY!

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