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Monday, August 13, 2012

Urban Decay SALE + my order

Want Urban decay on discounted deal? click here

Limited time only!!

You guys might be interested in this one

great deal thats what i think!! if you dont own any eyeshadows and you are makeup junkie, its a decent price for shadows is $9.00 and and for the eyes shadow palette is $12.00

pretty reasonable, you can keep it or can always gift it to one your good girl friends!!
I'm sure who wouldn't like such pigmented eye shadows lip gloss or even eye shadow palette?

a gift under $20 dollar

get it before it ends tomorrow

Makeup palettes and intriguing colors
Ends Tuesday 8/14 at 6AM Pacific

My order!!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

June Favorites - 2012

June 2012 Favorites
So here is some of June favorites that I wanted to share with you guys
So let me start of...
So most of you who have been following me must know Im a Dior girl, so since I been hearing the rave about chanel, I wanted to really try out the foundation.
So I gave it a shot..
So I picked up the Vitalumiere Foundation from the Chanel counter, I love the duely finish and how it so nice, when I brought it home, the first 3 times I used it, really didnt like the feel of it, and felt a bit too oli on my face, I did try to use a setting powder yet it still felt the same.
After trying it out for couple more times, I felt this was really great and love the over all look. So have became my Favorite so far and so good it made it to the June favorites :)
Price: 55.00 at Nordstorms

This is my far my best foundation brush I ever owned, The Sigma Flat Top Syntheic Kabuki F80 Brush, I feel that every girl must have it and should use it.
So I must say that any liquid foundation that I try, this Brush is one of a kind, and live without it, its just amazing and givea a flowless look.
Price is $16.00 at SigmaBeauty

So while I was at bath and body works I picked up the C.O Bigelow Lavender Salve, its a purple tin, with the product inside.
the product could be used on dry patches, and places.
Could be used on the Lips, Cuticles, Elbows, Knees, Face Etc.
Love the products, of the those products that a girl must have and also could be used for Multi things.
Price: $5.50 or Buy 2 get 1 free at bathandbodyworks

By far this has been my favorite of 2012
smells great, keeps you smell and sweat free...
Price: $19.00 at Sephora

Here is a video of my favorites :)

So these are my June Favorites...
stay tuned to check out more

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron Thoughts

Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron (1-1/2")

So this is how I received the package
A peak inside (packaged nicely for safe delivery)
so here is what is everything that is inside
First the Babyliss PRO Tourmaline ceramic curling iron
the bottom 360 rolling wire, not to forget to mention how long the wire is, It is super help full!
The temperature adjuster
Notice the incredible long wire!! GOSH SO HANDY AND HELPFUL
the back of the iron

take a look here it has babyliss engraved thought that was super classic
Thermal shine spray love this stuff, protects hair from heat and leaves you hair with shine
the stand: so handy to use when tools are hot yet also great to store inside:) all time favorite
the whole kit
Overall: I feel the Curling Iron gives amazing results, most irons give a result of curls which are tick and you can tell that your hair has been curled. Yet this iron you get flawless curls in minutes. The iron heats up super fast making it easy to curl. I also found that most irons curl your hair and then your hair tends to unfold and get straight. With this iron i could the curls even lasted when I went to sleep. I found the Thermal Shine spray to work great with this iron and also giving my hair lasting results. I even ran my finger though the hair yet still the results were lasting. I loved the clap on the iron, makes it easy to place you iron down, and never  the less the holder is a great use. I Found it to use to keep my iron as a hold.

Shipping: shipping was super fast I got my package within four business day!! which I always enjoy!

Price: $119.99
Sale Price: $84.99
You save $35.00!
Brand Name: Babyliss Pro
Size 1-1/2" inch
Power 428ºF
Weight: 1.03 lbs
and its Free Shipping

Click here to get yours or checkout more details

Watch my mini review

The Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron is rated #2 on our Best Curling Iron list for one reason alone and it is the price. If price wasn't a factor, this curling iron will for sure be the #1 choice. The Babyliss Tourmaline Ceramic Curling iron emits negative ions and far-infrared heat that brings a number of additional benefits to your hair:

1. Eliminates static electricity 3. Neutralize odors
2. Preserve more moisture within the hair shaft 4. Causes less damage to the hair cuticle

From our expertise and customer reviews, most people are saying that tourmaline curling irons gives longer lasting curls compared o the non Tourmaline or Ceramic
Hot Tools curling irons and other drugstore brands. The Babyliss curling iron comes with 40 adjustable heats setting up to a scorching 428 F perfect for all hair types. Two other great benefit of choosing this curling iron is the 1 year warranty and the fact that this curling iron is Dual Voltage, meaning you can use this curling iron any where around the world while you travel. If you want a curling iron that is up to date and wouldn't mind paying a bit extra. This would be your choice. Flat Iron Experts recommend the Babyliss Tourmaline Curling Irons with 100% Confidence.  

  • 5 barrel sizes available
  • Unique POP-IN/POP-OUT temperature control
  • Ultra-powerful heaters that provide fast, steady maximum temperatures
  • Instant heat recovery
  • 40 heat settings
  • Heats up to 428ºF(220ºC)
  • Slim rubberized handles
  • Tourmaline/Ceramic closes the hair cuticle resulting in smooth, glossy hair.
  • Tourmaline/Ceramic plus heat emits NEGATIVE IONS which eliminate static electricity and neutralize odors and bacteria.
  • Tourmaline/Ceramic barrels retain heat more efficiently, distribute it more evenly and eliminate damaging hot spots.
  • Tourmaline/Ceramic radiates faster drying FAR-INFRATED HEAT, which dries hair from the inside out, preserving more moisture within the hair shaft and causing less damage to the hair cuticle.
  • Extra long, heavy duty swivel cord
  • Dual Voltage
  • One year warranty

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hautelook First Purchase and experience

Hautelook First Purchase and experience
Segolene Paris

So this was the first time I ever placed an order on Hautelook. I wanted to share with you guys my experience and the whole thoughts.

So If you don't know about Hautelook, Its a site where you can get great deals of discounted price. They have designer brand for up to 50% and up off. So you can always find great deals if you look around, sometimes they are more like Steal deals.

So i was looking around and if you follow me i did blog about the earlier of me liking this handbag, and also placing an order.

Shipping: When it came to shipping I was as happy, since I order stuff all the time off the Internet, yet having a product shipped from California never did I pay $7.95 for some of you guys it might be reasonable yet Ifind most of the sites offer either promotional code or discount codes for free shipping.

Nevertheless when i expect to pay such price for shipping i would want the product to be shipped next day and get product within 3 day or a week max.

Here I placed the order July 26, 2012 the order was shipped Aug 2,2012 and i got the delivery on Aug 07, 2012 that is almost 2 weeks (13 days). So you are placing an order to receive something quicker, just a heads up to you guys.

When i got the package this is how i got it
everything inside was packaged nicely inside
It had an envelop with the invoice inside of it

the bag was inside the place wrap and then the dust bag on top

so here is the hand bag that i place the order for
the front
inside zipper with the brand name
the main zipper
the other outside zipper
the handles, which is why i placed the order
the top zipper
both the handles
the side detailing
the inside
so everything was really pretty about the bag and i loved it! when i took out the bag the first thing i has notice was this scratch which was on the bag
wasn't really happy about it, yet i found the bag to be more impressive and decided not to return it

then when opening the bag, i found really hard time to close the zipper,I feel if i keep it, i will break it . I felt that the bag is price $159.99 normal price it should of been designed nicely.

so I decided to call Hautelook, and ask for exchange, they were more then happy to help me, yet they could ONLY refund me the money, since the product wasn't available anymore :( they created a return label for me right away, yet after going though all that, i really feel i should keep the bag, since i love the style, so after thinking i feel like i will be keeping, its just too good of a design.

So here is the video if you wanna watch the video review

click here if you would wanna check out the site
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