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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GlitterGals nail color

Bit about the company: 
Anna and Kerry have been friends for many years, and decided to partner up and create this wonderful company name Glitter Gal.
Anna's background is in creating and suppling "private label" products to other Australian companies, Glitter Gal has been designed to provide great range of Makeup and Nail Polish. They have great quality, eye catching and adroble product packaging.
They partnered together which has now led to the creation of Glitter Gal Cosmetics which they love with great passion.


So I receive  this package and inside was this wounderful Nail Polish.
Super cute packaging, LOVE IT
The Polish was packaged in bubble wrap of it would be delivered safely!
they have tons of shade and makeup, yet this one is the is in True Red! about $14.95 AUD
So the formula was super easy to apply, and the Nail polish Brush made it even easy to apply the nail color on the finger!

so there i have clean nails to apply the nail polish in True Red

Loved the out come and how pretty it looks!
You should deffinely check out glitter gals, they have great deals

Dont forget to check out also dont 4get to let me know what you think about this product!

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Tons of LOVE!!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

L'Oreal One Sweep EYE SHADOW and The Double Extend Eye Illuminator REVIEW!

 So Got some New Products..
The Very new
Do it all at once, Define, Color and Highlight, a palette design for easy to handle with amazing shades to great a wonderful look. The application in which three shades in one sweep to give a professional multi-shade to have a stunning look. The three shades are designed in such form to have a highlighter and crease and a lid color.
The cutest applicator ever!!
The one of a kind, introducing new sponge applicator is designed in a shape as a curve to go right over your lid!
this is one of the way to use these shade.
 and how pretty is this?? 

the colors are to work with your eye colors, and also available in different colors
this product retails for $9.95 USD
The color! it is very sheer yet workable with
yet I love to experiment and found these shade to be super workable around the eye areas to create a different look!
A Handy Mirror, which is very classic, Every girls best friend! Was found on where the applicator stays!!
The Double Extend Eye Illuminator
The Illuminate you lashes, unleash you eyes, it is design to intensify and illuminate your eyes for brilliant eye look like no other.
It is designed with two easy step, first the base coat which is the black side, in which infused with hint of color to intensify and lengthen lashes. Second step, is the illuminating top coat, infused with the light- reflecting pearls to brighten your eyes.

So this is how the tube looks like!!
Back are always fun to read
This product has great features of lengthen you eye lashes, is very friendly in usage, such as less clumping, falseness, and is designed to be smudge resistant.

It is available in four shades
Black Copper suggested for blue eyes
Black Bronzes suggested for green/Hazel eyes
Black Quarts for brown eyes
Black Crystal for all eyes

this product is Ophthalmologist and allergy tested
wearable with lens and eye friendly
product is also fragrance free
retails for $10.95

The wound was quite different and very nice in apyign also found the would to be quite lengthy comparing to other products

 This was very UNIQUE and new to me!!

Both Product work great together. (Recommendations)
Wear the One sweep eye shadow
-Darkest color closest to you lash line
-use the Applicator and line it with the inner corner to give a accurate application all over the lid
-using the applicator to blend in all the colors together to give a professional effect.

These samples were sent to me for free for being a Bzzagent.

Friday, March 25, 2011 Product Review :)

So I got the wonderful package in the mail, made a great impression just my the wonderful imprints of itcosmetics on the box, its something I don't see very often
Great information, and way to advertise!
 so this is what was inside the BOX! LOVE THE BLACK PACKAGING!

 So in box was the Bye Bye Pores HD powder, the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer with Collagen and Vitamins C & K,  and the`Nail Love which is a Nail & cuticle Oil Pen.
It is a super fine powder, Called the Micro powder, gives a great finishing look! Not only that it comes with Hydro- Collagen, Skin and Vitamins K, A, C and E.
Its lovely I use mine to set my concealer, and set my foundation, and trust me you need very little.
 It also contains anti-aging anti-oxidants Vitamins A,C & E to help ward off free radicals throughout the day. The translucent color works on all skin tones.

 After using it i did learn if used a lot of it, in picture my face looked very light and you can see the powder, so use very little.

Not only its full coverage, yet it gives a very pigmented, and never the less you need very little and it goes very long away! TRUST MY WORDS ON THAT. I was very surprised, I do feel that, its pretty much comparable to the MAC Select Cover Up, When it comes to texture, though the MAC one comes in smaller quaintly, and this one comes with a lot of product. The Itcosmetic concealer comes with Hydrolyzed Collagen and Vitamins A, E, C & K, never the less its waterproof, along with a moisturizing formula. 
The concealer is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, comes with 4 different shades, to work with different skin types. In the Light, Neutral medium, Tan and Deep. So I really like the fact that they have in different colors, because some of the companies make one for all skin types.

The concealer is also build able if using for bruising or swelling ares on the pace, never the less great for fine-lines.
This concealer was created working along with a leading plastic surgeons in Brazil, for for patients to have a grater coverage, not like just with another concealer coverage, over the year they created the Bye bye under eye with healing ingredient.

To Apply the the product i did use my ring finger, just by patting dots over the under eye area, and the smoothing it out, love to set it with a powder for a longer lasting results.
great for brightening your inner eye if you don't use concealer for under eye, or on the upper bridge of the nose to give a brighter look to the face.

This product is also Available on QVC,, Beauty 360, along with This product retails for about $24 USD.
Before & After  

So I have very dry Cuticles, and wanted to try out this New product that It Cosmetic introduced, which is the Nail Love Cuticle and Nail Oil Pen. To be honest I have tried out many times of different oil and find this one to be Very UNIQUE, this is because its in a Pen form. The great thing about is that you twist and apply, great for traveling, so you don't have to worry about the oils spilling. Since I work all day, this is great, I can apply this product anytime and any where. I found this product to be very handy for me to carry around with me.

This product is a new addition to ItCoemetics Collection, it treats and conditions the cuticles strengthens the nails with hydrolyzed collagen and an anti-yellowing complex.

To apply you just twist the bottom of the pen and apply the oil formula with the brush along the cuticles, on the top of the cap there is a soft, firm cuticle pusher, to push back the cuticles. and rub the access in tot the nails bedding on top. 
A demo from the website

Make the cuticles nice and clean!!

So Loved all the products, do check out, and let me know what you think! They do have super fast shipping, if you do try out these products or have do, do share your thoughts with me!


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Tons of LOVE!!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 So I got great news for you guys check out sigma for the things that were out of stuck now they are back in!
The BEST SELLING : the travel kits, great for travel and love the short handles on the brushes

 My all time favorite MAKE ME CRAZY and make me classy!! great face and eyes brushes

and the whole complete brush kit, with duo fibre - F50, Tapered bleing brush - E35, blending brush - E25, Pencil brush for smudging under eye -E30, the lip brush L05

my all time favorite travel duo mirrors with normal and zoom sides: Every girl needs a little dazzle! The Sigma Makeup exclusive Dazzle Heart pocket mirror is the perfect accessory for your makeup collection.
Handmade, each rhinestone is individually placed on the surface of the mirror for a perfect finishing. All mirrors come in an exclusive black velvet bag and beautiful packaging.

All are Now available in diffident colors!
Most awaited Code! Coupon code for
CLICK HERE and check them out 
USE "STYLE2011" to get additional "10% off" on any Purchace :)
and get a FREE Travel size BRUSH  when you spend $30 or more :)

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Tons of LOVE!!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

NXY cosmetics, from

Porkdaisy is a website, with discounted NYX products, they have a jewelry tab yet noting is uploaded yet so I believe it would be added in future. They do have great deals on NYX cosmetics,  the shipping for this order was Super duper fast, it was in 2 days I got my order!!
They are basically new site, and lunched site in 2010, they sale NYX products, in fairly discounted price. They keep site up to date, and have products on sale, which is up to 10-20% off. There Customer service is also pretty quick and fast.
One of the greatest thing I found that keep the site up-to-date with product swatches, check are always a good things when you pick out your items from the shop.
So this is how the package looked like
Never the less everything was bubbled wrapped and protect so it wouldn't break.
Above Products
Nude on Nude S119 Palette
Propel My Eyes Mascara- Jet Black 
Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC 10 Monte Carlo)
HD Liquid Makeup (HDF04 Sand Beige)
HD Primer
packaging pretty much cute, and more like smachbox 

NYX HD photogenic primer- HD primer, its white and creamy, the Primer help my makeup last all day and stay put!
makes skin very soft and smooth
NYC HD photogenic foundation in Sand Beige foundation coverae is full covage accordign to my skin. Gives wearable light feel! last all day, I wear it for a whole day. This alos blends in my skin very well, and picture come out pretty too!

 Eye shawdow Nude on Nude, Glossy brown plattlet, has a mirror on top!
Great for spring colors,
great and cheaper dup to Naked from Urban decay.
10 lip colors and 20 shawdows,
I used these with UDDP as a primer
lip is sheer to glossy
I think its a nice dupe for naked!
<3 the fact it Curaly free.
great for travel and too good.

 NYX Propel My Eyes Mascara <3

 nyx propel my eyes mascara- in jet blackMascara-jet black-- very impressive, love the design of the brush, and i like the formual is very decent to my lashes dont clap, brush is a curvy, not just stright!
Cant rave enough about this one!
NYC Soft Matte Lip Cream--soft matt lip cream, Love the COLOR! is the color I expacted
long lasting, does have a matt finish, you can gloss it if you like! simular to MAC PROLONG LIPGLOSS.

A bit information about the company
PorkDaisy started in 2009 and offering high quality cosmetics and fashion jewelries at affordable price. Our goal is to provide our customer great satisfaction with our service, product and price. launched in 2010 and still new. But we've already got great credibility, feedback and rating at our eBay stores. is operated by iSync, Inc and we have our own web development team and our experienced engineers are putting a lot of effort to provide great service and satisfaction by developing convenience functions for our customer.
In our ongoing efforts to keep our customers happy and we will make numerous improvements and additional function to our website.

A bit about the rewards program
Every purchase you make earns you Reward Points that can be applied to your next purchase of any items!
How it works:
  • Earn points every item you purchase and multiply quantity will be simply multiplied!
  • Apply earned point at checkout.
  • 1 Point = $0.1
  • You will earn 10 points every time you write a review for purchased item(s).
  • All earned points will be recorded with date and time and all points have expiration of 1 year from the time you earned each point(s). Therefore, all expired point(s) will be deleted from your Reward Point account automatically.
And you can check your point balance and history at "Reward Point" section of your My Account anytime.
Above Products
Nude on Nude S119 Palette
Propel My Eyes Mascara- Jet Black 
Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC 10 Monte Carlo)
HD Liquid Makeup (HDF04 Sand Beige)
HD Primer
So we are still not done! last but not the least, how do these product look on well here it is!

Do visit : for great deals and discounts!

watch part2

In the picutre I used
My all time favorite brushes: Click here to find which bruhes I used  


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Tons of LOVE!!
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