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Monday, May 2, 2011

Everyday Minerals Review

Are you into Mineral Makeup and enjoy the Mineral Brands? If so Check this out
So here is a bit about Everyday Minerals
So this is how I received the package
Inside was
Nicely wrapped products
and when I opened it, Lovely packaging of products!
Love the Bold writing of EVERYDAY MINERALS!
Here are Two brushes, One Eyeliner, and One eye shadow
The Eye shadow and Liner had the writing in gray outside
The Smokey Pink, in Pearl eyes, I feel this a lovely color. They had eye colors in Matt, Pearl, and shimmer finishes.
This is how the color looks online in mini size Retails for $7.00 
You get tons of product!

they also have the travel one.
And the liner is just lovely!
In the color black, this Jar retails for $7.00, you can also get the sample size for $2.50
Here are the swatches, the black Liner, and the smoky pink in Pearl finish, The liner is Matt Black and pearl eye shadow is super cute and love the shimmer in it. It really is lovely for over the eye lid cover, never the less it very pigmented
These are the two blushes and like a purple written text on top. They have them in Matt, Sheen, And shimmer finishes
The DVR saturday in sheen finish with sliver shimmer and pink, retails for $9.00
And this is how it look

The Like lady Bird Lake in sheen Finish retails for $9.00
Here is the image from the web, Site description:  I wish everything could be like Lady Bird Lake. I love the hike and bike trails and can’t resist a canoe ride every summer. This super cool blush is inspired by my love for the lake’s sparkling waters lined with wildflowers!

Here are the swatches for both of them, the DVR Saturday day is more on the pinky side, where like the lady bird is on on peachy side. I feel both are just lovely you can build up the color or have a sheen of glow. Love them!!!
So love how the eye shadow is lovely for all over the lid, more comparable to the mac naked yet just a bit glow so I love it over the lid. Never the less is good for eye brow highlighting if you going for a dewy look. The liner, is so lovely i love the way it makes the whole eye stand out, I have to admit the liner is also easy to apply, I used a liquid liner and used the liner on top, and it just look very nice, love the whole look. I also wet the brush to give it a smoky look.
The blushes are just amazing, they are available for more coverage, and could be worn as a sheen on cheeks also.
Here are couple of promos you might enjoy
here is a sneak peak

and the face kit

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