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Monday, April 18, 2011

Eye Wear Crème Eyeshadow & Liner Review from

Hello Lovelies so I got this package from Mani Panic Collection Inside was the Eye Wear Crème Eyeshadow & Liner. The Product came in a huge bubble wrapped white envelope.

This is the the Eye Wear Crème Eyeshadow & Liner, has a nice sleek packaging, look very nice and tempting from outside
 Here is a side view of the product, i feel its great for travel, and would fit right in a purse or a clutch.
The product opens up straights, and has a lovely mirror inside, I feel its very useful to apply liner on the go
A view of the duo pans with the liner on the left and shadow on the right

 So inside was two sided brushes, ones is like a smudge type and other for lining eyes
 This is the smudging tool
 This is the tool to apply eye liner
  Love how they have there name stamped on the tool
 Below are the swatches
The First swatch was made with the liner tool and the cream liner followed by the eye shadow on top with the smuding brush.
the Second swatch is made with the smudging tool with the eye shadow product
the Third bottom swatch is made with the liner, with the liner brush.
As of product i feel the liner is very creamy and very workable with the brush, I feel that it is easier to apply with the liner brush it comes with. I played with the liner and felt great!! I normally use MAC Fluid liner which is a gel liner ($15.00), or yet the penultimate eye liner($17.50) which is a liquid type. So then i tried this cream liner on, i think i found the best liner what I would reach for all the time. The application was super smooth, and I just love the texture, I like to start out with a thin line and build my way up. The best thing I love about this product is that quality and its price. It is $8.00 at ManicPaniccollection which is just great!!
I love the fact that this is a duo, because you can always set you liner with the powder eye shadow, yet you can use them separate to get a different look also. they could be used single or together. I feel this duo is very versatile

On the hunt for a liner do click her and try this one out

 Here is the site description:

Ominous black crème eyeshadow and liner goes on easier, lasts longer and creates more drama than liquid liner or pencil. Unique applicator allows you to form razor thin lines or build and layer the color to create a more mysterious and lasting impression.

 Retails for $8.00

None the less Love the fact this product is cruelty free! 
the back of the product
 Preview of its on my eyes, the liner on with shadow on top
Great deals, do let me know what you think about it check out today!!

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Tons of LOVE!!
till next time

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