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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Twist n Roll Tweezers from

So I got package in the mail with the Lindo, Twist - Roll Tweezers!
it was nicely packaged and delivered safely
 This Tool is design to lift the hair from roots and take remove them. Its a DIY tool which you can use in the convenience of your own home, in other words its a do it yourself Threading yet without a thread.
This easily removes hair from Upper Lips, Cheeks, Neck, Chin, Forehead and more.
Great thing about this product, gets a lot of hair at one shot, without hurting, also if you do have thick hair it does tend to pain a little. (I have tips to reduce that pain BELOW)
This tool is great because it removes the hair from the roots, along with helping the hair to grow thinner. One of the best thing about this product is that product is that you don't need to use a mirror to use this tool. You can simply not look and still use this product on Upper lips, forehead, cheeks and chin.  Which you cant really do with tweezers!
I recommend not to use is on eye brows without a mirror.
Great tips, is you can always numb your skin by using ice on the area which you will be using the Twist and roll on, which you will be tweezing

yet if you don't want to use ice, another way is to use a cloth and warm it up with water so that it hot, then use the cloth to warm up the area which you want to remove hair for up to 5 min, this helps to open up your pores so it wont hurt as much as if you had normal skin.
After few times, you have used this product, then your skin will be use to this product and will not have to follow above tips
See a demo here.
This product retails for $14.99, at
Current Promotion, Buy 2 Tweezers and get 1 pack of swirlido hair ties for FREE. Buy 3 Tweezers and get 1 Tube of Lindo Hair inhibiting Moisturizer for free (No additional shipping charges for this gift)

This product will not show up in the shipping cart, it will be delivered with your package.

To clean this product, wipe the product with dry cloth. 
To Disinfect: You can use the rubbing alcohol on a cloth or paper towel and wipe the coils.

I have used this product for more then a month and half and loving this product! I reach for this product all the time <3. 

See a demo here.
 This tool was gifted by 
Shipping was supper fast!!
Gets yours at 


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Tons of LOVE!!
till next time

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