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Friday, April 22, 2011

Kawaii from kawaii Luv Designs

A bit about KawaiiLuvDesign : Aside from our cute handmade jewelry and accessories you will find a section of beauty and fashion updates! Our page will have a variety of posts that we hope each one of you will find interesting and helpful.

Kawaii Luv Design has lovely styles, with fashionable touch yet very affordable hand made accessories. 

I feel all the styles are cute, and wearable with everyday treads and styles

So here is how I received the package
 inside was this this cutest bag ever!  
 and the inside peek
 inside was this lovely piece
 So I'm all about packaging, this one is super cute, and melts my heart away, The black patterned bag was so cute, yet to find inside was the lovely pink hearts, and inside the bag was the Bracelet, its Copper Chained with the Crystal Heart <3.
 here it is on
 I feel this piece was surly unique and nice to have around, it stand out and is lovely to wear on everyday bases. I feel the design is lovely along with cute closing lock!

Kawaii Luv Design make them in different colors you can check them out at here
This above piece is 16 cm Copper Chain 14mm Rose Swarovski Elements Crystal Heart Pendant

retails for $15.00

Never the less I feel this one fit right in to the spring touch along with summer right around the corner!!
In my thoughts its make a great gift for anybody, along with a great fashionable touch to ones collection along with amazing packaging!
Here are the different color they offer! would love to collect them in all the colors! made with Tons of LOVE!
Sun Burnt
16 cm Copper Chain 14mm Orange Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant
17 cm Black Chain with 14mm Crystal Vitrail Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant
17 cm Black Chain with 14mm Rose Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant
17 cm Black Chain with 14mm Black Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant

The Kawaii Luv Design also make Necklaces, here is a peek

Sweet Lace Necklace
 peak at the new yummy bites
Cutest ever!

So last but not the least they had there business card with the package!

check out there new yummy bite collection:

The shipping was super fast with lovely customer service!

Click here for my Favorite brushes

Tons of LOVE!!
till next time



  1. they're really cute! I would totally wear them!!! :)

  2. These are really cute! I love the ribbon lacing throughout the chain :D

  3. yep its lovely any fun to have and wear for spring and summer!


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