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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

M16 Review + Giveaway

Looking for great electronic product, such a ear pieces on great deals and discounts?

well here is a bit about
MEElectronics, also known as MEE (M double E), has a goal of providing products with superior sound quality at price points people can afford, providing Musical Enjoyment for Everyone! We started in 2005 with a passion for music and a desire to bring exceptional sound quality to our customers at affordable prices by making MP3 players; however the sound quality of any player is dependent on the earphones used, so we developed our own. In 2010, MEE shifted our focus to earphones that provide durability, style, and exceptional sound quality. Our current lineup of earphones has won acclaim from headphone enthusiasts and reviewers worldwide, but that hasn't stopped us from continually developing new products; we won't bring a product to market that doesn't meet our high standards.

MEE isn't just about making great products; we understand that customers have questions and issues, so we provide industry leading customer service. Feedback is also appreciated from our customers, so please contact us with any questions, comments, or issues; we will take care of you before, during, and after your purchase. MEElectronics has grown at an amazing pace thanks to you, the customer! The greatest compliment MEElectronics can receive is an online review and/or a referral to your family, friends, and colleagues
This is how I received the package from
inside were the two pairs of Ear Pieces
this first one is the CC51p  in the color white
 In the Ceramic Housing : Site Description:
Clarity Series CC-51 Ceramic In-Ear Headphone

Ceramic housing looks as great as it sounds! The CC51 uses a new 6.0mm micro-driver that delivers full, accurate, detailed sound and, when housed in ceramic, eliminates resonance that might cause distortion-inducing harmonics resulting in a natural sound. Due to the driver being located very close to the ear, driver size does not limit reproduction of full range sound. Ceramic is an extremely hard, durable material that does not resonate in audible audio frequencies like other housings, resulting in a very clean, clear, ear-pleasing sound, while looking fantastic and holding up extremely well to wear and tear.

The clarity series in-ear headphones reproduce music that is clear and accurate sounding with good detail and enough bass to please most, yet not overpower the rest of the spectrum.

  • Ceramic housing that is acoustically inert, eliminating resonance for more accurate sound
  • Powerful yet balanced full-range 6.0 mm micro-driver delivering high levels of accuracy and dynamics
  • Small in-ear design is comfortable and stylish
  • In-ear design provides passive noise cancellation
  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD players, computers, and all devices with a standard 3.5mm jack
This second one is the M16
Site description:
M16 In-Ear Headphone
Style, sound quality, and comfort make the M16 a great little earphone! With the fun MEE sound that is detailed and clear with enhanced bass, the M16 will give you hours of enjoyment at a time to go with the great ergonomics all at a very attractive price!

The Original M Series in-ear headphones have a fun sound with enhanced bass that doesn't intrude into the rest of the spectrum along with good clarity.


  • Durable and stylish metal housing with two-tone color
  • 7.0 mm dynamic driver is detailed with good clarity, extended treble, and enhanced bass.
  • Frustration-free designer cable offers low microphonics (cable noise from movement) and tangle resistance
  • In-ear design provides passive noise cancellation
  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD players, computers, and all devices with a standard 3.5mm jack

    these are the full, Dynamic and clear sound with Enhaced bass
    they make them in two colors metallic, and sliver, and with mic
    these retails for 29.99 at
 So these came in this nice and sleek looking Plastic box With M16 on it
 In the box everything is packaged nicely and neatly packaged, yet i was surprised to see the black pouch hiding under the covered area of the box
 So came with 3 addition eye buds, or you can say ear tips, though i was woundering where the other pair of its at?
 So this is what i found when i opened the black pouch, it had intrustion in the pouch with a small zip lock!
 and here the other half of the ear buds are!
 The nice cord, and loving the length!
 Inside the instructions manual were great tips
 And how can the ear tips could be changed and replaced with the desired ones.
 and more diagrams
 Love the whole bold writting on the pouch, I love to just throw this pouch in my purse, this helps my ear piece from tangling in to all my other stuff, along with keeping my ear tips clean in one pouch! germs free.

 So in normal cases, I tend to break my ear pieces a lot, I buy them from Wireless mobile shops, they tend to break every 2 to 3 weeks, I like to carry them around everywhere. My ear piece normally go thought a tough time, From pulling to tangling, to throwing, and beating up. Most of them that i purchase happen to stop working on one side. and other wears out after couple of days, or so wiring happen to break too. Yet I have put these though the time that all my ear pieces go though, used them with ipod for running, my iphone to listen to music, from using them with my laptop, and having them around for my desktop. I just give props the length of these. These are longer then the standards ear pieces. The Sound quality is always nice. And they have made is this far with me, so they are made for heavy duty usage. Always carry them around in my purse, and in the pouch. and since i have the ear tips with me i don't mind sharing it with my fiancee. He just snaps the bigger tips to use them.
All in all i Love the fact they haven't broken up yet, so loving them!

So I safed these for one of you, yes thats right one of you could win  a pair of the CC51P  Retails for $89.99 
All You have to do is follow the rules below

Giveaway: Open international!
and tell me which item would you purchase from the site
  • Must be a GFC Google public follower
  • Fill out the form below
Giveaway ends May 22, 2011
One winner will be picked at random from and will win the
win  a pair of the CC51P

*NOTE: Must follow all the above rules or else if you will be disqualified, if you are picked haven't done any of the above, I will have to pick another winner!

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