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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Which Kit are you?

So whats a lady without any Cosmetics Brushes!!?
Whats your favorite? DON'T KNOW!!?
So being a makeup lover, and learning to pick up products, it was always hard for me to decide which products are the best!
Yet get tons of requests on how do you pick out when there are so many chooses, well its not that hard, it all depends on your need! 
So looking in to most asked question, I would recommend kits below, depending on how much you got to spree towards your needs.

  • Over all if you would want to try something new, and dont know where to start, and your on a budget, I recommend the Sigma Travel kit would be the best for you!
    • WHY?
      1. Its a travel KIT! What could go wrong? you can always travel with it, can take it anywhere with you!
      2. Comes with 3 face brushes, and 4 eye brushes, with a bonus of F50 my favorite
      3. All the brushes in the kit:  Pencil - E30, Tapered Blending - E40, Eye Shading - E55, Large Powder - F30, Large Angled Contour - F40, Foundation - F60, Concealer - F70, Free F50 
      4. Confused about which brush is for what, read more in details here
  • Having the rough time applying foundation? and Hate the fact you skins tends to dry out and get flaky and cake up all the time? Have eye brushes, and looking for face brushes? then sigma HD brushes, are fabulous, for any beginner to start up and do amazing job in applying even foundation.
    • WHY?
      1. These make it super easy to apply foundation, if its loose powder, cream or liquid, they are dense, which make it easy to make anything blind in to your skin!
      2. Also comes with the angled brush for blush
      4. Comes with F80 - Flat Top Kabuki, F82 - Round Top Kabuki,F84 - Angled Top Kabuki
      5. Confused about which brush is for what, read more in details here

  • Feel its too expensive to get three brushes for $42? Then the Some Like It Hot Kit would be best!
    •  WHY?
      1. it has a 3 face brush to apply foundation, along with the 3 eye brushes so you get couple of eye brushes as well with your money that you spend
      2. A cute heart shaped mirror, along with a very dense kabuki brush
      3. Kit comes with: Large Powder - F30, Duo Fibre - F50 , Pencil - E30 , Tapered Blending - E40, Eye Shading - E55,  Buffer - F45
      4. Confused about which brush is for what, read more in details here
  • Do you feel all the above needs, suits you, then you are the premium QUEEN! You feel the need and love makeup and spare some saving towards brushes, yet not as high as MAC brushes, the Premium Professional Kit is for you! I cant live without this, I use them every time I use makeup!! My favorite!
    • WHY?
      1. A girl couldn't really ask for more when you see this, THIS IS SERIOUSLY all you would need EVER if your a normal person. And these would last you a life time!
      2. Have all the needed brushes in one kit!
      3. 6 Face brushes, and 8 eyes brushes + 1 lips and the roll
      4. The roll makes it super easy to travel with!
      6. Included in the kit: Lip - L05, Small Eye Liner - E10, Flat Definer - E15, Short Shader - E20, Blending - E25, Tapered Blending - E35, Small Tapered Blending - E45, Large Fluff - E50, Powder/Blush - F10, Duo Fibre Powder/Blush - F15Large Powder - F20, Tapered Face - F25, Tapered Highlighter - F35, Large Concealer - F65, Concealer - F75
      7. Confused about which brush is for what, read more in details here
So here I try to recommend my favorites, and why! which suites your needs? and which ones you need! hope this helps in selecting your brushes! Let me know what you think? And which kit suits your need!! click here to customize your own if none of them fits your need!! Dont forget to share with me!!

Click here for my Favorite brushes

Tons of LOVE!!
till next time

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