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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sinjimoru SyncStand, Reveiw

Hellos everybody!! So if you have any Apple products, such as iphone, ipod, neno, and etc this one so this post is for you!! 

So i received this package in the mail
inside was this Sinjimoru Sync Stand
The box was package nicely to deliver the product safely!
Inside the packaging
The back of the box! just too cute
How to use direction the side of the box, very informational.
The stand itself! Love the WHITE
The front!
The side, Looks pretty Sleek!
Here is a bit information from the site:

A Designer Piece on Your Desk
It makes iPhones and iPods look better. Inspired by the icon of worm-eaten apple, Sinjimoru’s sync-stand matches any Apple product. The transparent material, which is the base of Apple design, compliments the clear white color.

Landscape mode supported
Unlike other cradles, it enhances the usage of iPhones or iPods since it offers landscape mode.

Use of Genuine iPod Cables
Unlike other stands that have no charging function, the sync-stand plays the role of a cradle that is capable of charging and syncing irrespective of whether a genuine or aftermarket iPod cable is installed. A third party iPhone cable can also be used if the size is same.
Easy Cable Attachment & Detachment
The cable attached to the sync-stand can easily be detached anytime. It can be separated from the sync-stand within a few seconds if needed.
Excellent iPhone, iPod Compatibility

This stand supports all the latest iPod products after 5th generation such as iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone 4, 3G or 3GS.

Using It With the Protection Case Or the Bumper Case? Not a Problem.

It allows the user of the cradle for charging or syncing the device in a vertical or horizontal position even when the case is on the gadget.
( Product includes an universal holder compatible with Apple Bumper Case  Since March 2011.)

Choice of Colors
Three colors are available for the user’s selection – creamy white, pastel pink and ocean blue.
Just select the one that matches your iPhone, protection case and skin.

 So to be honset with you guys at first i thought what is the real use of this product, I thought it wont be useful, and just sit there.

When i got the package i was excited to try it out, here is how i set it up
Have the wire for the ipod charger and the Sinjimoru Sycn-Stand
this is where the charger will go in to, you slide left to lock and right to lock it back in place
 When you unlock it, the top part comes out
 Then you pass the charger from the back in to the stand
 and put the clip on top
 then place the upper part on the side and lock in with the charger top on the stand.
Here is my new ipod on the stand 
 doesn't it look lovely:)
So after having this the Sync-Stand product up and ready to use, I always put it on charger, never the less, I find this stand even more useful to just film because tons of times I record from my Ipone or ipod, so love the fact I found this handy.
I Also turn it side away to watch YouTube videos or movies on the Phone, best thing is that my sister lives out of states, so always Skype with her, and this stand make it super easy to talk! hands free!!
I love it, and it's been my favorite, so I thought I would share my thoughts with you guys!!
So all my buddies who have apple products, this is really helpful and useful when its around!!

Check out to order user today!!

Shipping was super FAST!! and lovely customer service!! which always count!


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Tons of LOVE!!
till next time

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