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Monday, October 10, 2011

Melkco Leather case for Apple iPad 2 - Slimme Cover Type (Red LC) with sleep mode function iPad2 Case/Cover review

This is how i received the package from
The goodies inside
All shipped nice and safely
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The back of the packaging
Here is the what the site has to say :
Provided with the stand for iPad 2, allows it to stand in different angle
Magnetic sleep mode function
Light with slim
Premium Genuine cowhide
Traditional craftsmanship
Full body and screen protection
Quick access to all the ports and Screen.
Hand-made leather product

The inside of the safe
The useful Installation Guide!
The back of the case

What I think...
So I have been using this Slimme Cover Type (Red LC) with sleep mode function for more then 3+ weeks. I like the fact it’s very comfy and thin in use. The material is good quality and fits iPad2 great. The landscape mode is great and super comfy to type in. The front cover is quit similar to the smart cover, yet with the back protection, and the side protection. The side cut outs are also perfect. The red case color is so easy to spot and on top I find everyone asking where I got this pretty case from. Finding that everybody notices and ask about the case make me feel great.
Below is the picture of the speaker and the charging port with the cover on

The volume keys

The Top

The cover 
When the cover is closed
 The side when closed
 The front top
When Opened 
The case has its company name engraved on the front cover that goes over the iPad2 glass, and also back on the bottom side.

The sides

The grip of the case is designed comfy for the hands and I love the fact when the cover is folded on the back, it feels like there is no case on it. I have had the case before which does make ipad2 a bit thicker and uncomfortable to carry. On top this also adds weight to the iPad2 yet this one is slim and keeps iPad2 about the same weight.
  Available in many colors, check out the site
Don’t for get to over your iPad2 Melkco Case today

Lovely customer service and super fast shipping!!

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  1. I swore I'd never buy another one unil I saw someone else's. The issue was that the phone would fall out of the holster if a hair fell on it. Now I complain it's hard to get it out. iPhone 4 Case Soft

  2. If the phone is tilted at an angle then the contents of the screen becomes masked. The purpose of this is to hide the contents of the screen to spying eyes or people looking over your shoulder. They are especially useful for business users who may be reading or writing personal emails, or to anybody who is mindful of their personal privacy


  3. I really like the leather design and Melkco print on it.

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