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Monday, October 24, 2011

Shany Cosmetics Haul, Shany 15PC Mineral Brush Set, 4 Way Nail Buffer, 7 way Buffer thoughts

So this is how I received the package for Shany Cosmetics
The product was shipped and packaged nicely and safely.
It came in a nice and lovely packaging which looks great,
Inside the box Is the
I love the whole pink theme it just looks amazing
This one is
15 PC mineral set designed with a nice and sleek look.
and here they are inside
I cant rave how soft these brushes are, if you own sigma brushes you might thing those are soft, yet these are very gentle and even softer.
In these 15 peice there all tpes of brushes
The first one, the biggest powder brush which I love!
This is one is the second face brushe, super soft
This one is great for conturing
The 3 style eye brushes, great for eye shadows, concealer and more
Love this liner/ angle brush you can do soo much with this one, this really gives a great application!! heart it
this could be used as eyeliner, yet I like it for lips, and lining
Love this one for cut-crease look, and smudges great
The spooly, great for eye brows
and this tools also for shapeing/clambing eyebrows
The whole set
Had great packinging for this product
Love the color pink, and not to forget the super cute pink clutch
Cute logo on top, and love the color!!

I used the them at home and also while I travel, the great part is that they are great quality products and lovely when you travel.

I used these brushes and also washed them already 3 times there was no shedding and since they Are mineral brushes they are supper easy to clean.

My favorite is the all over the face brush, my skin is very sensitive so I prefer using soft brushes on my face so it would harm my face.

Do Check them out and let me know what you think
Get yours on the link below on sale for $49.95 for limited time
                Here is the Shany 4 Way buffer        


It was wrappered in plastic wrapper 
The side 1. Fileing the Nail tip
Then senc removing the ridges
After that smoothing out the nail suface
last making the enail shinee
Over all I love the fact that it makes your nails feel super soft, and silky, it doesnt take so much time, yet its done so fast that anyone can do it anywhere in mintues.
After using this one for couple of  times it get addicted to it, and now its always in my purse, ready to use any time I feel werid grids on my nails
Check it out its on sale for $5.95

Moving on to the 7 way buffer, it made more for differnt types of nailes, like some have thin, yet other might have a thicker nail bed
this one is simular to the 4 way yet has more sides
So starting with the first with people whom has coarse nails would use this side
Followed by the medium grit to shape the surface
Then to fine grit even out the edges
Just to even out
Then to smooth out the nails
Buffer to buff out the nails
Then to make it shine
I do like to use this one more at home, while i do my manni and padis myself, and love it on girls night. I love the fact this one has more steps to where the process and the result last much longer.. love it all the way

The jordana lip liner
here is a swatch
I love the color, and it would be lovely for the coming up halloween :)

Over all love the products, and the shipping of my first orderwas super fast!

do check them out, and do give your thought.

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Tons of LOVE!!
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  1. Hey looks like some of your pics are upside down, but I get it. Thnx for being thorough.


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