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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Melkco iPhone Case Review

This is how I received the package from
The back of the packaging
Bit about the case:
Innovative design.
Quick and easy Access to all functions.
High quality.
Slip free.
Protects from Scatches.
the front
So the case had two protection layer,
the inner is rubber rounding, and the outer is the hard sheel
The front
Here is the case on the the iPhone 4 Doesn't it look sleek?
I love the whole look, it looks lovely on
 The back,
The cut out is perfect
Looks amazing on
Guys there is also a Melkco inprint on the back, the logo looks classic
the top view.
love the fact how everything is covered and protected
a look and the volume up and down button
Overall I love how this case is, its easy to hold, and doesn't add too much wait on to the phone like other phones, I feel it has a nice classic feel and look to it, I love the fact that its white, it stands out, and always easy to find inside my purse or car.
It could get a lil dirty yet if you keep it clean and it stays clean. I love the two layer protection, because at times the hard shell leaves scratches behind, and the double layer its it more protected. I would defiantly refer Melkco product to anyone and everyone. So dont forget to check out the site, because they have tons of more products.

Get yours case today at 

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