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Friday, February 11, 2011

Creaclip Review: DIY Haircut!

  Creaclip Review

Wounder what Creaclip is?  Well its a system which you can use yourself to cut your own hair! NOW you can SAVE your money and cut your hair yourself, yes that right you can do it all by  yourself, have them cut straight or in layers, the style your prefer. You can style and create your own style.

I got my package couple of days a go and this is how it loooks!

Never mess-up on your hair, Do it YOUR self, and cut hair Straight!
The back look of the packaging, helps you an idea of how its done!
Guess what i found when i opened it Instructions! YES i was looking for them, and found them INSIDE
Cool how you can adjust the levels to the style you prefer!

The side view to keep hair looked in to place 

The Thickness of Creaclip

The light blue is for bangs and white one is for the whole hair

The CREACLIP are the clips, in which you can cut your hair at home with qualified results. Get fixed and accurate cuts for any type, texture or thick hair. Great thing about this product is that it could be used for Men or women along with younger kids.
Great for travel and could use it on anytime or any place.
I like mines for Trimming my bangs, great for those split ends!!!

 Use your imagination and ingenuity to create unlimited hairstyles with the CREACLIP.
When i just tried to trim, at first i was scared, after watching couple of youtube videos of getting and idea, I was brave enough to cut my bangs, and so i just cut them straight,  simple and easy!!
I will be doing more experiments and sharing my thoughts as I use this tool more!

Great way to DIY hair your hair yourself and awesome part about is that it they SHIP SUPPER FAST!! GOT MINES IN FIRST CLASS MAIL
Visit there website at $29.99 Plus Shipping & get yours TODAY!!!!

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  1. Wow Thanks for sharing! Great stuff!

  2. no problem hope it helped, and hope you save tons of money from this!

  3. I find this to be very cool so much better doing it yourself then going to a salon. I always wanted this but I have to save up until I can get one of my own.

  4. aww yah hun this is a very cool tool to have and play around with :)


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