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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sigma Sigmax Review

First of all Sigma brushes are amazing, and I believe no other company such brushes.

In comparison of regular stippling brushes, these blow them away in seconds, becaue with these you get a better, and far off great finish and better quality!

What do i think?
So I been using sigma brushes for about 7 months and I have to give them Props for making such amazing brushes!
 The New package came in a box with sigma all over it,  Brushes came in their own safe protected packaging. As Always sigma has a very nice packaging and presentaion and with a great informational pamphlet. 
Well Packed!! I must say! 
I recently got a new set, which I am loving, it gives a flowless High Defination look! A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY GIRL!
What Comes with this Kit?
THE SIGMA SIGMAX!-it comes with 3 different brushes which is a Face Kit Priced at 42.00 USD.
  1. F80 - Flat Top Kabuki ($16)
  2. F82 - Round Top Kabuki ($16)
  3. F84 - Angled Top Kabuki ($16)
The above link price is when you purchase each brush separate. 
yet you can get all 3 in a kit by clicking this link THE SIGMA SIGMAX!

Best thing about them they are more dence then any other brushes from sigma, cant rave enough about how soft they are! 
To be Honest, The brushes are super duper soft, I never owned a brush this soft!
Now that I have them, I cant do my daily makeup without them!
I use them for foundation, conclear, powder, blush Application! Also they work great with Cream Foundation!

Below is the F84 Angle Top
I feel  this one is great for pressed powder application, its very dense, I love how it works on the cheeks and give the face a great contour look.

F80 - Flat Top Kabuki ($16)
This one helps in packing in foundation like liquid, I like to just pack it in, or use it with mineral foundation!

F82 - Round Top Kabuki ($16)
Most Unique, versatail, liquid, concealer, powder, moose, cream. If I have to pick one I would Pick this one for my favorite out of three!

This one is most unique because I havn'nt seen any company make this type of brush with such quailty, it differnt and my favorite from the kit. I reach for this one from all three.
Love it this one because it can be used with any kind of product for the face to give the face a nice look.
I believe this is my best buddy :) I can use this one for any types of face application, primer, conclealer, powerder, liquid, moose, and loose foundation, and blush! love it very much

So a  look at how dense they are!! TOP VIEW!
I feel the denseness of the brushes,  is what makes them unique, All three make the liquid, and powder set in to the skin to give it a HD finish!

Great weight nice handle, and made with a very sleek look!
Washed them about 3-4 times already and hasn't had any fall out with the brushes, also since they are too dense they take a little longer to dry out. I do this with all my brushes atleast once a week.
They do dry up quicker if you just wipe they on a cloth or paper towel with brush cleaner they don't take very long to dry up! (which i do after every use) RECOMMEND!

New LOVE :)

get yours today! Click here to order yours
(BTW This is the only way you can get free gift, when you use the above link. )

Get my favorite brushes here :

-SIGMA SIGMAX BRUSH SET (or at least F80 and F82 But F84 is awesome for conture)


  1. Sigma brushes look really good - I can't wait until I have enough points on Luuux to redeem a set haha

  2. ohh thats a great way to get yours!! will also have a giveaway sooN!


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