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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Travalo REVIEW :)

 So I am loving my new Travalo, and the best part about is that its PINK (heart, heart, heart !!!)
GET yours at

 Lets you refill in just couple of seconds ...
 <3<3 the packaging all over!! its soo pretty

it's  tiny, great for travel, hate the fact that now we can't carry the whole bottle while we travel, and this very convenient for me because i travel out of states!!
ALSO its aircraft approved so don't have to worry about them trashing it out :) NO WORRIES

simple and easy to refill, just simply take off your favorite caps of your perfume and refill!
1st take of the top of the perfume you want to transfer to the travalo just a shown in the picture above!
And then put the travelo on top and press it down to transfer the perfume in inside the travalo!
Travalo weights about 13g when its empty, light and safe no glass its plastic !!

 great view in the front so helps you see how much is left inside!!

don't have to be messy in losing your expensive juicy and gucci perfume in funnels simplify it has not spills :) <3

Great information:

gives up to 50 sprays and its tiny to fit in to the any beauty pouch!

best part i gifted one to my loved one and "HE" loves it!! yeps to HIM, great for men also!!

(more colors are always available) click here and  check out the website :)

NEVER THE LESS ***Also available outside of USA**
get yours at

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