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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bad Breath? Review

So Bad breath is something that many people suffer from and after trying out so many products I came Across the

Orabrush, is a tongue cleaner, That cleans out food, bacteria and white stuff inside the mouth! So you probably thinking:  WHY NOT USE toothbrush? Well toothbrushes are made for teeth, made with harder bristles, and on top don't help at all on the tongue, all it does is, remove the bacteria around!

With the Orabrush you wet your mouth and brush, and it gets in between taste buds, and mouth is so fresh! not harsh, and you can see the white stuff on the bristles.

After my usage, my reaction was like "WOOWH NICEE"
my mouth felt super clean and to be honest my tongue never felt so much cleaner!!

This is great for valentines!! Get it and  have it so your mouth is Bad BREATH FREE!!

 Orabrush has Super fast shipping.

You can use one brush for for 3-4 months helps reduce the bad breath! Get your Orabrush for FREE!!! just pay for Shipping.

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