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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ISA Professional Digital Hair Straightening Brush Review

ISA Professional Digital Hair Straightening Brush

Hello Lovies, today we are going to be looking to to the ISA Proffesinals Digital hair slaughtering brush. I'm sure almost every girl uses a straighter to make her hair look straight and beautiful, but what I'm going to share with  you guys that will make straighten hair every more easier.

So this is how the package arrive
When I opened the package inside was this box
When I opened the box, there was this beauty
 This was everything that was inside the box. Yes it came with the Glove
 I love the logo on the back of the brush.
 this is how the front looked like, this is what does the magic :)
Loved that it came with a Custom glove to help hands from burning
 the power button and the temperature adjuster
 Controllable digital screen
The 360 adjustable cord
This is a quick before and after, I don't like to use the highest temperatures!! I brushed  outwards and I love love the volume I was able to create. I can easily create pin straight flat hair yet why not create this amazing look? I love how my hair stayed hydrated and had volume. I felt didn't get unnecessary heat and it felt super natural then typical straight hair look. 

When I First opened up the box, I was impressed with the size of the brush and the color that appeared. I loved the vibrant color of this iron, rather then a boring old school black color. The color itself gives the product a personality. So my First look just took my breath away, and just looking at the box and the iron, I knew this will be a fun product to use and great item to add to my collection.

Getting passed that, and looking more inside the box, I found the ISA Professional Glove! This even made me more excited, because must of the brushes that are in market don't offer such great value products and these kind of items with it. I feel the glove helps in using the product while I brush away my hair.

Then I sew the digital temperature controllable screen and power option, I loved the controllable options, because not all the time I want my Brush to be super hot to give me a pin straight hair. Plus every girl has a different hair texture, in which some have think and cores hair, where others have very thin. This helped mange the style  I was trying to go for while I used the Brush.

The round 360 cord really helps in not having wires issues, such as getting in the way while I use the Brush and also helps cord from getting tangled. Also I feel that and the wire wrapper on the wire helps from keeping this brush wire to itself.

Overall I loved the Brush and the Result, when I used my old hair Straighter, I noticed that my hair gets oily and greasy the same day hours later. But this did not happen when I used this Straightening Brush. I love the fact that this Brush helps keep your natural hair volume and helps to keep hair straight. Also I love the fact the brush helps in detangling your hair and keep it smooth. And there is more, when using this brush helped me style quicker and made it super easy. I could do my hair, really 3-5 mins where your done,  and I have medium to log hair.

I love that while using the brush it does not pull or toggle the hair, which I have experience with other brush in the past.  The hair brush has 100% Titanium Ceramic plates rather then rubber or metal plates. This brush make that problem go away, and also the brush helps in reaching the back of the head and get all the parts of the hair. I love that it helps straighten my hair on the back unreachable parts. It really makes hair styling easy and comfortable. 

This product is well made with good material, and it has 2 year warranty as well. Comes in two colors red, and Blue. Makes a great gift for any girl, or female. Its a Must have item!! 

Click here to get yours today.

Disclaimer: I did received this item on a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

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