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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Apalus Brush Review

Hello Lovies, today I will be sharing my thoughts about the Apalus Brush
So lets get to it

So this is how the package came in the mail
when I open it, this is what was inside.
on the side of the box, showe the top view of the brushes in color Pink & Teal Blue
on the other side of the box was the from side of the brush
When I Open the box, this is what I sew
Inside the box were 2 Clips, 1 Glove, 1 Brush, and the guid

On the Brush holder it had its logo Apalus
The grip where you old the brush had a nice design, and had a clean finish
the brush had the cold of Teal blue
the side had the Power, and Temperature up and down buttons
It cams with a Valvet storage bag
the 2 clips are really handy
It also had the 360 cord, so the wire wouldn't tangle

I love the way this product is packaged, I felt amazing about the product when I received it. It came with a glove and clips that that holds the hair. It always came with a valvet brush holding pouch, which helps in storing the product when not being used. This brush has power button with tempeture adjuster, One of the thing that I like about the power and temepter adjuster that it locks to its control after 5 seconds, by double clicking the power it will unlock. When using the brush, I felt very satisfied with the results. After taking a shower I let my hair air dry, and then use the Apalus Straightening brush to give the smooth and sleek look to my hair. I felt this worked the best for me. I found the two clip holder that came are super handy.

Check out my details video review For more information

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Disclaimer: I did received this item on a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

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