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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hautelook First Purchase and experience

Hautelook First Purchase and experience
Segolene Paris

So this was the first time I ever placed an order on Hautelook. I wanted to share with you guys my experience and the whole thoughts.

So If you don't know about Hautelook, Its a site where you can get great deals of discounted price. They have designer brand for up to 50% and up off. So you can always find great deals if you look around, sometimes they are more like Steal deals.

So i was looking around and if you follow me i did blog about the earlier of me liking this handbag, and also placing an order.

Shipping: When it came to shipping I was as happy, since I order stuff all the time off the Internet, yet having a product shipped from California never did I pay $7.95 for some of you guys it might be reasonable yet Ifind most of the sites offer either promotional code or discount codes for free shipping.

Nevertheless when i expect to pay such price for shipping i would want the product to be shipped next day and get product within 3 day or a week max.

Here I placed the order July 26, 2012 the order was shipped Aug 2,2012 and i got the delivery on Aug 07, 2012 that is almost 2 weeks (13 days). So you are placing an order to receive something quicker, just a heads up to you guys.

When i got the package this is how i got it
everything inside was packaged nicely inside
It had an envelop with the invoice inside of it

the bag was inside the place wrap and then the dust bag on top

so here is the hand bag that i place the order for
the front
inside zipper with the brand name
the main zipper
the other outside zipper
the handles, which is why i placed the order
the top zipper
both the handles
the side detailing
the inside
so everything was really pretty about the bag and i loved it! when i took out the bag the first thing i has notice was this scratch which was on the bag
wasn't really happy about it, yet i found the bag to be more impressive and decided not to return it

then when opening the bag, i found really hard time to close the zipper,I feel if i keep it, i will break it . I felt that the bag is price $159.99 normal price it should of been designed nicely.

so I decided to call Hautelook, and ask for exchange, they were more then happy to help me, yet they could ONLY refund me the money, since the product wasn't available anymore :( they created a return label for me right away, yet after going though all that, i really feel i should keep the bag, since i love the style, so after thinking i feel like i will be keeping, its just too good of a design.

So here is the video if you wanna watch the video review

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