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Monday, January 24, 2011

Victoria Secret Fav Products

Morning Lovelies
Caught in rain, my all time fav body mist from victoria secret, my fiance loves the smell when i have it, and i am almost running out, cant wait to get a refill :)

My new body mist victoria secrets NOIR, so i been using this one for about 3 weeks now yet havnt complely fell in love with it yet, the smell is pretty nice and soft, it dont last all day and thats one of the MAJOR CONS about it!!

let me know if you guys have any questions will be more then happen to answers
thanks for reading OXOX

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  1. It's so annoying that we don't get Victoria Secret products in the UK! x

  2. oh thats not kool! you know you can order it from internet, if want coupons let me know ill be more then happy to provide you with some :)

  3. have u tried 100 percent pure products , they are all natural with no chemicals and work great for me . also they have an fb page for giveaways .

  4. I've never seen Caught in the Rain at Victoria's Secret stores before, but it looks like a light, clean scent. I love how Noir smells too :)

  5. @VA: am planning a giveaway also
    @Rinny: its awsome scent i heart it! yet they keep comming up with new stuff day by day, and NOIR is always good! i heart there havenly those are all time favs


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