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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

L'Oreal One Sweep EYE SHADOW and The Double Extend Eye Illuminator REVIEW!

 So Got some New Products..
The Very new
Do it all at once, Define, Color and Highlight, a palette design for easy to handle with amazing shades to great a wonderful look. The application in which three shades in one sweep to give a professional multi-shade to have a stunning look. The three shades are designed in such form to have a highlighter and crease and a lid color.
The cutest applicator ever!!
The one of a kind, introducing new sponge applicator is designed in a shape as a curve to go right over your lid!
this is one of the way to use these shade.
 and how pretty is this?? 

the colors are to work with your eye colors, and also available in different colors
this product retails for $9.95 USD
The color! it is very sheer yet workable with
yet I love to experiment and found these shade to be super workable around the eye areas to create a different look!
A Handy Mirror, which is very classic, Every girls best friend! Was found on where the applicator stays!!
The Double Extend Eye Illuminator
The Illuminate you lashes, unleash you eyes, it is design to intensify and illuminate your eyes for brilliant eye look like no other.
It is designed with two easy step, first the base coat which is the black side, in which infused with hint of color to intensify and lengthen lashes. Second step, is the illuminating top coat, infused with the light- reflecting pearls to brighten your eyes.

So this is how the tube looks like!!
Back are always fun to read
This product has great features of lengthen you eye lashes, is very friendly in usage, such as less clumping, falseness, and is designed to be smudge resistant.

It is available in four shades
Black Copper suggested for blue eyes
Black Bronzes suggested for green/Hazel eyes
Black Quarts for brown eyes
Black Crystal for all eyes

this product is Ophthalmologist and allergy tested
wearable with lens and eye friendly
product is also fragrance free
retails for $10.95

The wound was quite different and very nice in apyign also found the would to be quite lengthy comparing to other products

 This was very UNIQUE and new to me!!

Both Product work great together. (Recommendations)
Wear the One sweep eye shadow
-Darkest color closest to you lash line
-use the Applicator and line it with the inner corner to give a accurate application all over the lid
-using the applicator to blend in all the colors together to give a professional effect.

These samples were sent to me for free for being a Bzzagent.

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