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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Steve Madden pumps & pumps Comparison!

Steve Madden Red Caryssa
This is every girls must have!! 
Came in a white Box!

So the moment I sew them I knew I wanted them!!

Though it was a bit too pricey! Never the less I just loved the way they felt on and they are super comfy, so I had to get them, and not to forget they are Steve madden  I got them $89.00 Plus tax total for $96.34 almost a $100. USD quite expensive and I know not every girl can afford such price!

So remember earlier I have done a post on well Guess what, the ones I had reviewed are PRETTY MUCH DUPES of these Steve Maddens.

here is what I feel
Right next to each other,  you be the JUDGE they do look ALMOST THE SAME, only this is the Gray ones are from and The made different is that the gray are suede style which steve madden also offer..

Looking at the sides, the Madden looks a bit more sleek..
 The back looks EXACTLY the same!!
 By wearing them, looks also the same, not to mention they feel the same too!


Love the way how the RED LOOK :)


Regard less of the pricing I do love both of them!! yet if you cant afford such expensive shoes then check out not to forget to mention the gray ones are only $25 USD !!!
With about 5.25 inch high, and my size is 6 and both have very comfy walk yet I love the  price, Unfortancly I got the Steve Madden before or else I would of got different colors for about the same price of one Steve Madden and have about 4 pair in 100 bucks :(

hope you dont make the same mistake!!

Unless you are in to brands, I feel that even $100 for Madden are good deals. :P

Super fast shipping 3 Business days, One of the best company to ship so fast!!
Get yours today!! wanna know why? BECAuSE they having SALE starting at $10 USD

Let me know wha tyou think?

I have wrote a full review on at

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Tons of LOVE!!
till next time


  1. The price you pay for high fashion. I like the gojane too!

  2. yep thats true, but does have good prices <3


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