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Friday, September 16, 2016

Neon Green Applicator Makeup Sponge by JGOB
Hello Loves,
So this post you will get to see the Neon Green Applicator Makeup Sponge by JGOB and how it was deliver and what I think about the Sponge.
Have you ever sew someone wearing flawless make up, and wonder what she was wearing? Asked the person and brought the same stuff and not find the same results? Well not all the its a product issue, it could be the tools you use to apply it on your face. It all comes down to how you apply it. This Makeup Sponge is designed in a way to help skin absorb the product your applying on your face. It also have a round bottom and also a pointy end to get in the edges of the nose and eye areas.  
It came in this huge box, I was wondering what did I order that's that big, and could not figure out what would be inside :)
When I opened the box it was the Neon Green Applicator Makeup Sponge by JGOB inside
I love the amazing case!!
normally I use a glass container to keep it inside so it wouldn't get all messed up
I love how soft is this sponge, not to forget how flawless it leave the skin after application is done.
I feel that anytime I use a regular makeup brush to apply foundation, lots of product ends up being on the brush rather then on the face, and brushes at time leave lines or strikes on the face. When using this sponge applicator its leaves skin with an amazing finish. Plus you get a awesome coverage on the face. Every time I have used it, I really enjoy it and now prefer to use this sponge every time I apply makeup on my face :).
If you can use this sponge wet or dry, I like to wet it and then apply some product on it and then just dab it on my face to get the product over my skin. Just tapping give it a great flaw. Then I use the tip side of the sponge to get product under my under my eyes and also on the sides of my noes and blend it in to my skin.
Love the bonus of a travel case with this purchase, it great to travel with it, yet also it has its case so I always use it to store it. This really helps keep away bacteria on the sponge.
So if you are thinking to try something out for your self I would highly  recommend it! rather then spending money on branded sponges.
Get yours today at

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product, for discounted price for a exchange of an honest review

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