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Monday, September 5, 2016

Easy@Home 25 Ovulation (LH) Urine Test Strips, 25 LH Tests Review

Hello lovies,
So todays post will be about TTC... Trying to conceive... so if you want to learn and know more keep reading...
So I have tried out couple of brands of Ovulation kits... they all very from one an other.. In this post I will talking about the Easy@Home brand.
It is a well known brand, which you can buy from Amazon and save tons of money.. OPK kits can cost quite a bit, yet this Amazon EASY@HOME brand is really affordable
This is how the product arrived
inside this box was this
on the side it had how you should use the kit, and directions
on  the other side it showed how you can read the tests results 
this what was inside the box, it test is packed separately so the result are accurate
this is one of my tests when I was towards the end of my fertile window, as you can compare the result, the test below is negative
Overall I really like the quick 5 minute results of the brand, also the accurate result, I feel that you can save a lot of money, because once you start using OPK test, you need quite a few to pin point ovulation. Would love to recommend to anybody whos looking for a good brand.
Click here to try it for yourself!!
Do let me know if you guys try it out, and how it works out for you guys!!
would love to hear about it...
Thank you for reading!!
Disclaimer: this product/item was sent to me in exchange of a review

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