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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Segolene Paris-Square Handle Satchel

Segolene Paris-Square Handle Satchel

$42.00 Normally $129.00 67% off

Hey there lovelies, Currently shopping at HERE, and guess what this handbag just caught my eyes, cant get over how great it looks so I'm going get it!!

Never the less all these colors are available, don't know which one to grab!!

OHHH How much Im loving all the colors, yet this one, I just cant over look from the colors

A bit more about the handbag

As always love the differnt ideas of handbags this one also cought my eyes

Segolene Paris- Laced Trim Bag

So after thinking long about it, I think I'm going to go for Segolene Paris - Square Handle Satchel
because its a bit different, and haven't seen much of it around.

Just placed an order

So stay tuned for my unboxing, and what i think about the bag!

Love you lovies

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