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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sen7 Review + Giveaway

This is how I Received the package
Inside was all the information, nicely packaged
More detail information

Inside the package there was a Smaller package
Here is the product itself was wrapped and safely shipped
Here it is
And also this box
Inside was this, the Case for Sen7 Classic
Here it is, isn't it cute.
Here is the box, with the detail of how to fill them
product designed in Germany, and made in China

Here is the Sen7 Itself, dont it look amazing
Lovely Packaging
Nice and Sleek
Love the size
Inside the Case
This is just to cute?
Inside the case, so little
For all Fragrances, And easytfill

A bit about the Company SEN7
Sen7 Is a Unique and Elegant way to Carry your Favorite Scent with you. Sen7 launched in Germany, The elegant fragrance accessory has become a staple in the savvy European community and now thrilled to announce it in USA. With the US premiere in October 2010, Sen7 is already winning the Hearts of editors and fashion conscious women and men alike. Sen7 is Beautifully designed, patented refillable fragrance atomizer which now allow you to carry any type of your favorite fragrance with you--without the big bottle! smooth and sleek, Sen7 nestle in your hand and fits discretely into your handbag, pocket or gym bag. Its metal casing protects the perfume or head frees the nozzle for spraying. Men and women love the upscale sexy "cigarette lighter" design that comes in variety of metallic finishes and colors. The reservoir hold 5.8ml which is up to 70 sprays! With the Sen7 funnel, you can easily refill. And, if you do a lot of traveling, you will be happy to know Sen7 us acceptable to current airport Security standards. Look for some fun limited editions for holidays gifting too. Check out the New Easy Fill versions and travel pouch made of leather-- very sweet!.
Press and Spray, wherever you want, when ever you want.
The Sen7 fragrance atomizer has a tank volume of 5.8 ml. That amounts to roughly 70 sprays, and is enough for one to two weeks or longer, depending on the frequency of use. 

Here’s how it works: Pressing on the atomizer head opens a small shutter, unblocking the nozzle and activating the spray function. Releasing the atomizer head closes the shutter again.
Sen7 is not just for everyday use – it’s also ideal for short business trips or weekends away, that is, anywhere where small travel sizes are a must! If you are filling sen7 with a different fragrance, the tank should be cleaned beforehand with warm water or preferably with pure alcohol to ensure that the perfume components do not mix with one another. 


here is how I did my Easy refill
You will need your favorite perfume 
This one is my all time favorite,
Take off the top cap
get your Sen7 and take of the bottom cap

put the Sen7 on top of the perfume bottle

and Pump

and you see it filled

Now its ready to go

Put the bottom cap
side view
Overall I loved the Product, its easy to Refill, and I love it for Business trips, its nice and small. Easy to carry, love the whole sleek look. Its easy to take at the airport, without any problem to have it on the carry on. There is no mess in the easyfill. I love the fact it has a metallic finish, which makes it look all sleek. Tons of people have asked me where I have got mines. Never the less this product also makes a lovely gift for birthdays, and other events. Available in tons of colors, suitable for Men and Women, Teenagers and kids!!

Nevertheless the costumer service was super nice, the shipping was super fast. I love the whole packaging of the product, with all the details and learning about the product.

Now your Sen7 is ready to use, an carry with you anywhere and everywhere

Sen7 is mobile.

sen7 envelops you in the scent of your favorite perfume wherever you are and whenever you wish! A smart escort for every day – for her, and for him! Whether dining out, on business, at sport or travelling, sen7 gives you the freedom to refresh your fragrance at your pleasure.

Sen7 is sensual.

sen7 is more than just a practical fragrance atomizer – it’s also a pleasure to hold and behold. Whether you’re thinking, daydreaming, chatting on the phone or watching a film in the cinema: feel and caress sen7 with your hand and experience its unique shape!

Sen7 is universal.

sen7 isn’t just the perfect companion when you’re out and about. You can also use sen7 at home, in the bathroom, in the living room, wherever you wish. Its practical size and attractive shape make it a must-have. And: there are 1001 reasons why you should always wear a beautiful scent!

Sen7 is decorative.

sen7 is an unusual accessory that’s guaranteed to pretty up any space. Position sen7 next to your orchid, your Notebook, or your bedside lamp. You’ll love the effect!

Sen7 is flight-compatible.

Looking to travel with your sen7? No problem! sen7 has been licensed for passenger hand luggage and gets the nod from airport security! And, during the flight it ensures you feel at your best!

Sen7 is discreet.

You’ve discovered a tantalising new perfume and you want the brand to remain a secret? sen7 is discreet and conceals the origin of your perfume in its neutral case... After all it’s the fragrance that counts!

Sen7 protects your perfume.

Natural perfumes in particular are sensitive to warm temperatures and light. Frequently they lose their original freshness after just a short time. With sen7, you can siphon off a small quantity of your perfume for daily use and store the original bottle in a cool place away from daylight. Your fragrance will reward you with a scent that stays constant for months!

Do check out refillable fragrance atomizer
Let me know your thoughts and what you think
Shipping is super fast!!

Finally the Giveaway time!!  
So 4 lucky winner will win one Sen7 for them self
Anybody can enter, This giveaway is Open International 

Here is what you have to do

Giveaway ends July 24, 2011
Four winner will be picked at random from and will win the Sen7 from

*NOTE: Must follow all the above rules or else if you will be disqualified, if you are picked haven't done any of the above, I will have to pick another winner!

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