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Monday, June 13, 2011

Handbags with a little sugar, and a lot of spice..

So I received the package from Cupcake Diva
It was nicely wrapped as a gift.
Here is the box without wrapping
Inside the box
So creative on the card it had a Cupcake Diva Sticker!!
So cute
The card, My heart melted
OMG inst this the cutest thing you ever seen?
About the site

Cupcake Diva Handbag Designs are all about fun and style!  Designs that deliver eclectic, and bold fashion sense..
Chic and one of a kind clutch handbags of all sizes and colors hand crafted in beautiful, unique materials. For your next date, party, or night out, have the perfect accessories and handbags, the final touch...

So why not let your handbag make a statement... 

All orders will ship the same day!!

I offer express delivery as well as standard business delivery (5-7 business days).  I accept payments through Pay Pal and I accept all major credit cards with phone orders as well.  State sales tax is 7% of product total.  Shipping and tax will be calculated at checkout.

Delivery Rates:
Standard Delivery:  $6.00
Express Delivery: $22.00

I do not offer refunds, however I am most happy to exchange any handbag within 30 days....

Custom Orders:
Cupcake Diva loves custom orders!  Just send me an email or call and let's get started today!
And inside the the box
was nicely packaged
another cute sticker on top, loving the pink wrapping
Here it is,
Its a Peacock Clutch
OMG its so cute, made with fur
The Peak of mint gree with Peacock fur
The back
the inside also had the tag of Cupcake Diva
It was a magnet snap button close
Also found the label on the inside packet
The price was on the tag

My thoughts: I love to find unique styles and share them with you guys. Along with that its always lovely to grab something different. Carole the Owner of cupcake-diva create hand made clutches that are fun, different and unique in style, nonetheless add pops of color to your outfit. I feel that her collection is really cute, and the style is  lovely. I never see something like this, in Aldo or any accessories store. 
This one full customized and unique piece. I felt the Peacock Fur was just too flattering and eye-catching. As it is a Diva Style, this piece added a lovely pop to a black dress for a dressy look. 

Nevertheless the process of delivery was quick, and came packaged nicely, which sells me the most

These make great gift, for your girlfriends, something different and along with that its hand made. 
If your looking for differnt styles you will love her collections so do check out her site. 

Do let me know what you think? and dont 4get to check out

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  1. Love it looks amazing :d.....


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