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Thursday, June 2, 2011 Haul

So this is how received the packages!
Here is the peak inside the box
and you can see the goodies!
super safe packaging, with loads of popcorns
So this is the first product,
here is the site description:

Captivating natural rose scent blended with moisturizing oils and butters with a touch of rose petals is just the key to a luxurious relaxing experience in your own bathtub.


Fill bath tub with warm water and place bath bomb into tub. If bath bomb contains loose objects, you may wrap bath bomb in a nylon stocking before use.

(click ingredient for more information)

Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Dead Sea Salts, Dry Red Rose Petals, Essential Oil Blend

Product Code: 1490
Weight: 9 OZ

Behind the box were directions with ingredients list.
So this product, was pretty much comparable to the LUSH products, and was lovely and relaxing, as this floated around while taking the bath, love the smell its too good! and also the sea salt  helped in keeping the skin nice fresh and clean!
and you can see the petals and additional stuff added
This is the body bar, it came in bubble wrap
Isnt the packaging just too cute?

Dead Sea Body Bar


The Dead Sea Body Bar contains natural exfoliating ingredients such as Dead Sea salts, Ground Loofah and Apricot Seeds, and Walnut Husk. Infused with essential minerals of Dead Sea mud as well as moisturizing oils, this body bar will detoxify and refresh your skin.


Work into lather and massage over body. Rinse off thoroughly. May be used in bath or shower.

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Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Dead Sea Salts, Dead Sea Mud, Ground Apricot Seeds, Walnut Husk, Ground Luffa, Seaweed Powder, Essential Oil Blend

Dead Sea Body Bar at Best Bath Store - 100% Natural

Over all I really enjoyed using this product, its great for exfoliation, and the scent is lovely, it smells fresh and clean! At first i found the texture to be kind of weird, because it was uneven, yet it helps in exfoliating. I have very dry skin, so i found this product really helps to prevent dry and flaky skin!
The back of the tag, so much effort in to packaging!!
Check this out
The lip Product that also came along

Put this moisturizing treat on your lips and smell the sweet, intoxicating aroma all day long. The invigorating scent will bring a smile to your face that will show off those smooth, glossy lips.


Apply to lips as needed.

(click ingredient for more information)
Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Almond Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Vitamin E

Love it is super creamy and keeps lips moisturized all day long!

Check out the
The shipping and customer service is super fast, also have many different flavor and different bath and body products!! 
Do share your thoughts and if you would like to try out these products.


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Tons of LOVE!!
till next time

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