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Friday, December 24, 2010

Great Coupons for GHD iron up to 75%off

 hey there, i been a GHD fan for a long time and i hated the fact that i brought mine on regular price, i when i came across this deal i thought hey why not share long with some of great friends, so well as i said ill share them with you guys here they are!
Great deals on GHD if you plan to buy them this is the best time, i have great coupon codes that you can use till the dec 31th of 2010 so best deal after x-mas
i will link the list blow if your interested! hope this helps!

Please note: links have to be used in order to get the discount and also the coupon code!

GHD Styling Irons $25 Off   
Coupon Code:GHD25HDAY
Description:$25 off GHD Professional styling iron. Expires 12-31-2010

GHD Dazzle - $40 Off   

Description:$40 off GHD Dazzle purchase. Expires 12-31-2010

GHD Pink MK3 - $40 Off   

Description:$30 off GHD Pink MK3 styling iron. Expires 12-31-2010

GHD MK4 -$50 Off   

Coupon Code:GHDMK4HDAY
Description:$50 off GHD MK4 styling iron purchase. Expires 12-31-2010

 have a great one let me know if you used any of these!!

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