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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Learn more about Luuux

Hey there so i am sure many of you dont know about luuux, well here is your chance to learn about it in details, luuux is a community full with people who like to blog, well if you are a blogger then you would simply love luuux, here is why!
because when you join luuux you get to blog, now your thinking well i have a account or wordpress or any other type of blog why would i sign up for another one right?
well with luuux you get points for blogging, yes thats right! thats one thing that blogger and wordpress and other loggers dont for for a blogger, i was shocked to learn the same thing!
Every time you pot something on on Luuux you get 6 points + 1 point for shoplink
Everytime you comment on someones post you get 1 point + 1 point for sharing it on facebook or twitter
Everytime you like a post you get 1 point (50 links allowed per day)

Not only that there are other ways to get Luuux points by winner the post of the day or post of the month, so never keep up and keep trying!!

so the question is what do i with the points? right
well you can get great stuff with the points, like the Ipod, Ipad, iphone, macbook, watches, and designer handbags and cosmetics, so  do look in to it if your interested!

so click here and sign up on luuux today!! you have to be 13 or older to join!

click here to check out terms about the site

more questions? well you can leave a comment below and ill get back to you!!

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