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Saturday, June 4, 2016


Hello Everyone

Just wanted to share the NEW MACBOOK PRO case with you guys and ask you guys what you think about it!!

The product arrived nicely packaged!! and the shipping was super fast!! So I use my computer all day everyday!! and its always with me 24 HRs!! I'm working on my phone and laptop so i feel its a must to protect it as well! This is one amazing case that makes my Macbook look really nice and it protects its if i was drop it or have something even spill on it! love the face i have the keyboard over on it as well so if any food was to drop i can just whip the cover of it! its makes my Macbook feel all nicely dressed up and i must say i love it, and that every time i look at it, it makes me smile :) I also love the fact i can see the apple the the hard shell, when it lights up! ALSO you can still see the light up keyboard thought the keyboard protector as well!
The fit is perfect, i have added detail picture of all the angles down below, so do check them out!

Highly recommend it to protect your expensive item!! also its great for its price!!
nicely packaged item and shipped super fast as well!!

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