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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

GYMLE Leather Case & Tempered Glass Review

Hello Everybody, so today I will be sharing this package with you
 Inside the package was these, they are the Tempered Glass, and Leather case By GYMLE
This is an iPhone 6 with the tempered glass installed and have the case on
 Love the soft and smooth backing of this leather case
 the cutouts are made pretty well and the power button is super soft
the cut out for the iPhone 6 switch cut is made well  also well made, as the volume buttons
 by far love the amazing casing and color
I have been using this case with the tempered glass for couple of weeks now, and I have to tell you guys that I love the smooth casing, and over all it protects my phone really well. Also the tempered glass is quite holding on pretty well. The one I had previously really broke on the first drop, and it was the privacy one. No lies, I have dropped the phone at least 4+ times after I installed this case and screen protector, and its holding up pretty well!!
So far I love it, and loving the vibrant color of it!! I would defiantly recommend it to anyone and everyone!
So I will include this video review for you guys to get an idea, yet it is not the best quality of the video, when I recorded this video I forgot to changer the resolution of the camera. I'm sorry guys, but I already unboxed it :(
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