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Monday, April 27, 2015

Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable Review

Hello lovies,
Hope all you are doing well!! well today I wanted to share with you the Apple MFI certified data cable!
Here is how I receive the cable in the mail when I order it
 It was sent in a bubble wrapped package
It came in its own small packing with this box in the above picture
 this is the wire inside the box
I love the fact this cable is really 4 feet long, and the fact that you cant be so far in reach of it!! I LOVE the flat unique design which really helps from getting tangled and keeping me really away from frustration while you battery is dyeing on me, when the battery is running out. One way I found this cable to be neat is that you can always roll it and keep in my bag, or get on a desk to keep it from getting messy. I would recommend this cable to anybody and everybody, I have been using the cable for month now and keeps my iPhone 6 battery in the perfect condition!!!

Lightning fast. Longevity guaranteed.

Unlike non-Apple-certified Lightning cables, ours guarantees the same stable, reliable
and speedy charging and syncing as Apple OEM cables. They are fully compatible with
all Lightning-enabled Apple devices, including iPhone 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5, iPad 4th
generation/Air/Mini/Mini 2, and iPod Nano 7th generation. A compact connector head
fits into virtually all case cutouts, and reinforced joints makes the cable extra durable and
long-lasting. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by our 18-month Chromo-backed warranty.

Designed for Apple, from the core.

MFi is an acronym for 'Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad'. Apple Inc. launched MFi in 2005 as a
licensing program for worldwide developers of hardware and software peripherals that
are designed to work with Apple's iDevice lineup. As a program participant, Chromo
Inc® designs and manufactures accessories that are certified by Apple to be of the
highest quality and of ultimate compatibility with your Apple device.

Manufactured exclusively by Chromo Inc®, a registered U.S. Trademark.
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