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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Holi-dazzled SinfulColors Holiday 2014 swatches

Holi-dazzled SinfulColors Holiday 2014 swatches!!!

Hello Loves, So here are the swatches that everyone wanted to see from Holi-Dazzled SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Collection!! 

So this is how I receive the package in the mail

When I open the package, all the polishes were in bubble wrap and safely delivered
These are the four colors that were inside the package, and the ones I will be doing swatches on
All the colors look so vibrant and full of holidays vibes!!
This color is called Let's talk,  I did have to apply to the color twice, because the color was shire with one quote. Yet I feel the color was very vibrant as it looked in the bottle once it dried up.
Polish Name: lets talk
this Color is really full of color and joy I really loved wearing it

Polish Name: Endless Blue
The Endless Blue is full of life. It has such an amazing vibe, once they are on your fingers! I felt happiness and full of life!!

Polish Name: Gold Medal
The color Gold Metal had a whole new vibe to it. This color really made me feel full of holiday spirit I love the metallic finish to this polish!!! It is very smooth and silky!!! Loved the way it felt on my nails I also feel this can go with anything!

Polish Name: Out of this world

The color Out of this World reminds me of the sparkles and the holidays. The snow that falls outside, the joy of holidays season. This color is full of sparkles it's a Sherry Texter with small silver sparkles!
Polish Name: Out of this world!

Overall I feel like sinfulcolors for 2014 collection was a different taste with full of colors all these colors of holiday!! 

Do you let me know what you guys think and also if you guys have any other requests love you guys and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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