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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Call of Warrior laser tag gun unboxing & Review

Hi Lovies, today I wanted to share with you this awesome find.
so lets get to it
So this is how it was packaged
 Inside was nicely package
 there were two laser tag guns
 the power button
 the two button to select the team
 the light for life lines
 both guns powered up, also the bottom button is for loading the bolts
 the middle circle light is the color of team

AMAZING GIFT IDEA - Treat your little adventurers to the laser tag tag of his dreams and enjoy his ear-to-ear smile! Give him the high-end action tag game that will lead to thrilling moments and dreamy memories.

  • COOL SHOOTING GAMES USING LASER TAG - It is a cool shooting game using laser tag. You may have noticed in science fiction films like“Star Wars”that uses laser tags and weapons in fictional battles. Organize your own outer space battles and gear up as a hero hero using laser tag! Now, it’s possible with the merciless game of Call Of Warrior! With the laser tag, you can live out the movies with your friends in real life!
  • ENJOY REAL BATTLE - The laser tag sets have tons of realistic features and great sound and light effects to make a riveting experience. All blasters are interchangeable so you play as a warrior to choose your weapons ranging from pistol, sh, submachine and rocket. The laser tag also have hyper realistic sounds! When hit by an enemy, the blaster creates strong vibrations that will blow your mind! When shooting the blaster, it emits a wonderful light up feature to create action-packed experi
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN GAME - Playing laser tag as long as you want, whenever you want. With this light battle active infrared laser tag you can battle for victory against other teams with unlimited number of players. The laser tag can shoot as far as 98ft and has 4 different types of ammunition. With numerous customized game settings, every laser tag game will feel new so you can customize different range of battles to your liking!
  • AN AMAZING GAME FOR EVERYONE - These blaster laser tags are made with non-toxic ABS plastic to ensure complete safety our toys. Laser tag blaster conforms to the highest safety standards and is a certified class 1 laser toy. The infrared laser tag emits a safe and non-visible infrared light and less than 1mW laser output, making it certified safe for recreational use. The blaster acts as the target so there is no need to wear a vest. An amazing game suitable for everyone from children to grandparents
  • REAL LIFE ARCADE ACTION INFRARED GAME Time to pull yourself away from the game consoles and create your very own combat adventure with Call Of Warrior! The laser tag shooting game comes with two laser tags so that you and a friend can see who can conquer the battlefield. With interactive lights and sounds, you can turn your living room into a zone for universal battle! Battle, dual and aim to knock out your opponent and you will become the laser star champion. Ideal for play indoors for rainy days and for outdoor play, the lasers tag means that you don't have to keep chasing foam bullets around or reload. Embark on an exciting match for hours! MULTI - FUNTIONAL MULTIPLAYER The laser tag shooting game is suitable for everyone, both kids and adults can battle a friend or build alliances with the multiplayer mode. Organize breath-taking battles with your friends and get hooked to the most amazing action game! You can select your weapon from 4 tag settings: PISTOL, SUBMACHINE TAG and ROCKET, then try to pulverize the enemy. Each laser tag mode comes with a different range of life bars, available shots and booming sounds that will blow your mind and immerse yourself in the action! AMAZING GIFTING IDEA Treat your little adventurers to the laser tag of his dreams and enjoy his ear-to-ear smile! Give him the high-end action laser tag game that will lead to thrilling moments and dreamy memories.

  • watch me unbox and play with the guns

    Overall this is great finds for this holidays! funs and keeps it exciting, you always  have more player join and enjoy playing with the family. Or yet just get it for the kids to spend time playing and having a good time.

    If you would like to get yours, grab your only at his link

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